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14-year veteran begins duties as police chief

14-year veteran begins duties as police chief
14-year veteran begins duties as police chief
Matt Kitterman

Matt Kitterman has always called Corydon ‘home,’ so it’s no surprise that he’s thrilled to head the police department in his hometown.
Kitterman, who turned 44 yesterday (Tuesday), joined the Corydon Police Dept. in October of 2000 and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy on June 22, 2001. He finished No. 1 in his academic class at ILEA, the first in CPD history to graduate with that honor. He succeeds retiring Corydon Police Chief Jim Kendall, who stepped down after 28-1/2 years in law enforcement and 14 years as chief.
‘I feel honored that (Kendall) put his faith in me. Hopefully, I can live up to his expectations,’ Kitterman said. ‘Chief had a vision for the department when he took over, to make it the best it could be, through training and better, updated equipment. I want to continue that.’
A recent hire to the police force, Jeremy Ranke, took part in the first Explorer program offered by CPD many years ago. Though the group, which was led by Kitterman, current CPD officer Todd Stinson and Detective Nick Smith of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., has disbanded, Kitterman said he sees value in such a program and would consider bringing it back if there was enough interest.
Kitterman’s interest in law enforcement dates back to high school.
As for what’s kept the former heavyweight boxer and 1988 Corydon Central High School grad in his hometown, Kitterman said it’s been the people.
‘I’ve lived here my whole life, my family has been here for generations and I think that the people I’ve met have put their trust in me,’ Kitterman said. ‘I want this to be the safest place we can make it.
‘Corydon’s a good town with good people,’ he said, ‘and I’m proud to serve here.’