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Council approves $345K for 4-H barn

The Harrison County Council Monday night unanimously approved $345,000 for a new 4-H show barn at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon.
However, the county’s share will not pay for the entire 72-by-100-foot building, and officials are awaiting the word from a grant application to fund the rest of the project, which totals about $514,000.
The building will include two 14-foot diameter fans and a dry fire extinguisher system, Charlie Sieberns, a 4-H official, said. If they gain a waiver on a sprinkler system, the cost could be cut by $100,000, he said.
It will be a steel structure and, hopefully, a 100-year building, Sieberns said.
‘It’ll be here long after I’m gone,’ he said.
Sieberns said 4-H has outgrown the current barn, which has rotten posts, and a new barn will not only enhance 4-H, but could be used for anything from dog shows to political gatherings. Divisional cattle shows would definitely come to the fairgrounds, he said, once the new barn is built.
‘They love our facilities but hate our show barn,’ Sieberns said.
The goal is to have the barn up and functioning for next year’s Harrison County Fair, in July.
Council Chair Gary Davis said he’s heard some concern about constructing a building on property the county doesn’t own. Sieberns said they have got the land on a 99-year lease from the Harrison County Agriculture Society (fair board) and the fair board will be responsible for insuring the building.
Councilman Ralph Sherman made the motion to approve request, and Councilwoman Sherry Brown seconded. It passed 6-0 (Councilman Gordon Pendleton was absent).
‘I know you’ve worked hard on it,’ Davis told Sieberns and the handful of 4-H officials and supporters at the meeting.
In other business, the council approved $990,000-plus to pay back taxing units from lost revenue stemming from the successful Horseshoe Southern Indiana riverboat property tax appeal. The majority of the appropriation, nearly $875,000, was for the South Harrison Community School Corp. The other units to be reimbursed were Posey Township ($11,383) and Harrison County Public Library ($104,079). The council could not transfer riverboat gaming funds for the other shortfall budgets: county general, $247,616; cumulative bridge, $48,616; parks department, $46,508; emergency management agency, $43,226; health department, $42,886; cumulative capital development, $25,021; reassessment, $21,516; and cumulative courthouse, $18,428.
The total revenue lost was $1.5 million. The matter had been tabled since June, when the council drafted a letter to be sent to the affected taxing units, asking if they could absorb some or all of the loss. Only the Harrison County Solid Waste District said they could absorb the loss, which was more than $16,000.
The council also set dates for 2015 budget hearings: Aug. 19 and 27 at 5 p.m. The final public reading of the budget will be Oct. 27.
The next regular council meeting will be Monday, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m. at the Government Center in south Corydon.