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All-Mid-Southern Conference spring awards

The Mid-Southern Conference tabbed student-athletes for its all-league honors in spring sports.
The following were honorees from Corydon Central and North Harrison:
Baseball ‘ Dalton Arnold (Corydon Central), Jacob Faith (North Harrison), Gage Arnold (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Alex Flock (North Harrison).
Boys’ golf ‘ Mitchell Frederick (Corydon Central), Timothy Wiseman (Corydon Central), Tommy Wiseman (Corydon Central), Ryan Crawford (Corydon Central), Steven Coleman (Corydon Central), Joseph Hinton (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Chase Spencer (North Harrison).
Softball ‘ Payton Windell (Corydon Central), Jenna Stiles (Corydon Central), Kenedy House (North Harrison), Kaylin Bright (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Kristen Alcorn (Corydon Central), Kyia Oppel (North Harrison), Jourdan McAfee (North Harrison).
Girls’ tennis ‘ Bridget Kelley (Corydon Central), Maddie Janes (North Harrison), Peyton Fravel (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Lindsey Shumaker (North Harrison).
Girls’ track and field ‘ Sidney Capelle (Corydon Central), Kaitlin Salomon (Corydon Central), Keely Martin (Corydon Central), Jordan Dagenhart (Corydon Central), Shaylah Neal (North Harrison), Ashton Bosler (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Chelsea John (Corydon Central), Catherine Leupp (Corydon Central), Hayley Elliot (North Harrison), Emma Book (North Harrison), Jenna Turner (North Harrison), Lexi Seitz (North Harrison), Nicole Keene (North Harrison).
Boys’ track and field ‘ Curtis Wetzel (North Harrison), Daniel Fleace (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Jeremy Buess (Corydon Central), Grant Robinson (Corydon Central), Noah LaMure (Corydon Central), Austin Whittington (Corydon Central), Sam Nance (Corydon Central), Kessler Martin (Corydon Central), Clayton Miller (Corydon Central), Dayton van Uitert (North Harrison), Dylan Knopp (North Harrison).