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‘Miraculous’ series author to sign her latest edition

‘Miraculous’ series author to sign her latest edition ‘Miraculous’ series author to sign her latest edition

A signing for Deborah Aubrey-Peyron’s latest book will take place Saturday, July 12, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Harrison County Public Library in Corydon.
The year of 2012 proved miraculous for Aubrey-Peyron of Corydon.
On the first day of the year, Aubrey-Peyron visited St. Columba of Iona church in Louisville. While she assisted with the cleanup after a post-Mass meal, Father Mike Olsen, still in his church frock, approached Aubrey-Peyron with a message from the Lord.
Olsen handed her a small vial, not two-thirds full of glistening liquid.
‘He said, ‘I am to give this miraculous oil to you’,’ Aubrey-Peyron said. ‘And, boy, I about fell over.’
The priest told her it was for her healing ministry.
Baffled, Aubrey-Peyron said she thought to herself, ‘What healing ministry?’
She took the vial with her, and it began to overflow onto her hands, dousing them in oil.
A friend, Marilynn Crosier, told her God had anointed her.
Aubrey-Peyron then anointed the hands of Crosier and her husband, Mark, who had come along with her that day.
Later that day, with their hands still anointed, they visited her mother-in-law, who was sick with the flu.
They prayed over her illness and asked for the mucous to clear from her lungs. The next day, Aubrey-Peyron said her mother-in-law was healed.
‘I have had interesting occurrences happen all of my life, but the year of 2012 really was a miraculous year,’ Aubrey-Peyron said.
‘2012: The Miraculous Year’ is the third book in Aubrey-Peyron’s ‘Miraculous Interventions’ series. It was released Thursday.
From miraculous healings to ominous prophecies, the book recounts 260 stories of day-to-day blessings, gifts of compassion and ‘attacks’ Aubrey-Peyron experienced during the year.
‘For every good deed, for every act we did for the Lord in obedience, for every time we would step ahead, it felt like the devil was right there to attack and to try to draw our strength and make us weak,’ she said. ‘But, what he doesn’t understand is that is when you cling to God even harder.’
This fall, Aubrey-Peyron plans to have about 32 couples, from all over the United States, arrive to stay with her and meet with ‘apostles of God.’
Following the event, she plans to begin writing her fourth book in the series, ‘Miraculous Interventions IV: The Gathering.’
‘God has blessed me to know so many people who walk in the supernatural gifts of the Lord,’ Aubrey-Peyron said. ‘There will be great wisdom that comes out of this book.’
‘Miraculous Interventions III 2012: The Miraculous Year’ is available online at and will be available at area bookstores beginning today (Wednesday).