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Pulliam intern joins staff for summer

Pulliam intern joins staff for summer
Pulliam intern joins staff for summer
Bobby Shipman

A college student has joined the staff of The Corydon Democrat for the summer through the 2014 Eugene C. Pulliam Internship Program.
Robert (Bobby) Shipman was one of 10 students selected for the 10-week program that provides students the opportunity to work as full-time reporters at a participating Indiana newspaper of their choice.
‘I did not really expect to receive such an outstanding opportunity because I had minimal experience with journalism at the time,’ Shipman said. ‘I had only taken one reporting class. I barely wrote for my school’s newspaper back in high school and hadn’t done a whole lot for my college paper yet either.’
Applicants were chosen by the Hoosier State Press Association Foundation based on samples of their best stories, a cover letter and their resum’.
‘We appreciate the opportunity to participate, for the first time, in this prestigious program,’ Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, editor, said. ‘And, we’re excited to be paired with Bobby, who brings a lot of enthusiasm to the workplace. I believe he will be a big asset to our staff this summer. I hope many of our readers will have a chance to meet Bobby while he is here.’
While at The Corydon Democrat, Shipman will have a variety of assignments, from general news to features.
An Evansville native, Shipman, 23, was ‘whirlwinded’ back in January when the editor of his college publication asked him to be its new Features editor after joining as a staff writer only a few months prior.
Shipman, now a junior at the University of Southern Indiana, had just returned to college after a two-year hiatus of soul-searching when he started at The Shield, USI’s student-run publication, in August 2013.
He became an editor at The Shield during a hectic time which had the current staff scrambling to compose weekly issues after losing its Sports, Features and Visual editors.
‘I was shocked,’ Shipman said. ‘I hadn’t received too much feedback about my writing as a reporter, so I wasn’t sure about my skill level yet. So, when I was asked to run Features, I was completely baffled.’
With only a few months as a Shield staff writer under his belt, Shipman said he fell into his role as an editor quite smoothly and has received positive feedback from his co-workers.
He began his 10-week internship at The Corydon Democrat last Wednesday.
‘Being in a new town with a new job is extremely nerve-racking,’ he said. ‘But, I am so excited to meet new people and gain experience in what I love to do: write.’
Shipman is a journalism and radio/television double major at USI with an English minor emphasizing creative writing.
As well as print, Shipman said he strives to learn all facets of writing, such as poetry, fiction and broadcast, and even took a one-year screenwriting course at The New York Film Academy.
Shipman enjoys watching movies, listening to live local music, painting, camping and has been a vegan for nearly a year. He has been a certified lifeguard for eight years, and, most recently, is on the sub list at the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana. Also, he is employed by Talbots in Eastland Mall in Evansville.
He is the son of Robert and Laurie Shipman and has two older sisters, Samantha Greenwell and Carroll Buckmaster, two nephews and a niece.
‘My family is sad to see me go, but they know this is an important step I need to take,’ he said. ‘Working for The Democrat will help me hone my skills and gain essential knowledge. I am honored to join such a wonderful and welcoming staff.’
Shipman will continue as Features editor for The Shield in the fall, as well as start a semester-long internship at The Courier & Press newspaper in Evansville.