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CC’s Capelle, 1,600 relay run to state

CC’s Capelle, 1,600 relay run to state
CC’s Capelle, 1,600 relay run to state
Corydon Central sophomore Sidney Capelle races to a second-place finish in the 300-meter hurdles in the Bloomington Regional and will run in this weekend's state final. Photo by Wade Bell

The Corydon Central Lady Panthers will send a hurdler and relay team to the girls’ state track finals at the Indiana University track facility in Bloomington this weekend. Sidney Capelle qualified for the state finals in the 300-meter hurdles, and the team’s 1,600-meter relay team broke its own school record to finish third.
Meanwhile, Floyd Central’s Rachael Kavgazoff put herself into the state finals by winning the pole-vault competition.
‘It’s pretty cool,’ Corydon Central first-year coach Meghan Bussabarger said. ‘Actually, it’s pretty surreal. They have worked so hard. They’re the most hard-working kids I’ve ever worked with, honestly. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.’
The day didn’t start out well for the local runners, however. Corydon Central’s Kaitlin Salomon struggled in both the high jump and the long jump, failing to make the opening height of 4 feet, 10 inches in the former then scratching on all of her preliminary attempts in the latter.
‘I was kind of more focused on long jump than I was high jump,’ Salomon said. ‘I’m not really upset about high jump. It’s awesome that I made it to regionals, but, with my height and stuff, jumping over 5 foot is kind of tough. The long jump, I wanted to do good in it.’
‘I had my steps on before, and, then, I get more loosened up, and, as I get more loosened up, I start to run faster, and then it’s off. I was just a little past the board. It wasn’t a whole lot. I’ll definitely take it out on the relays.’
In the high jump, Floyd Central’s Schyler Cequeira and Crawford County’s Shawna Johnson came up short of a state finals spot, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, as only the top three advance. After both cleared the bar at 5 feet, the bar was moved to 5-1. Johnson missed on her three attempts, while Cequeria went on to get the height and 5-2, as well. Still, it was not enough to get to the state finals.
Corydon Central’s Olivia Lawson didn’t have the kind of day she wanted in the 100-meter hurdles. Lawson, a senior, hurdled her way into the finals with a 16.91-second run. The finals didn’t go as well, however, as she finished eighth in a time of 17 seconds even. The senior was sad to have her career end but was happy to be running at the regional.
‘I think I started out kind of slow, and I hit a few (hurdles),’ she said. ‘It wasn’t as good as my run at sectionals. I don’t know. I’m OK with it. It’s not upsetting me.’
Lawson said she could see the end of her career as she approached the final hurdles.
‘This is my last race; let’s just be happy about it,’ she said. ‘I was happy I even finished, because I had fallen the last two years. I was thinking, ‘Just finish it; don’t fall’.’
North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler was another who just missed a state finals spot, finishing fourth in the 1,600-meter run in a time of 5:26.93. Later in the meet, the Lady Cat junior was fifth in the 3,200 meters at 12:03.94.
‘It’s not fun,’ Bosler said of the fourth postilion. ‘It was quite fast. My first split was kind of 1:01.13-ish. That’s pretty fast for me for the first lap. … I kept on seeing third getting farther and farther away, so it’s kind of a bad spot to be in.’
Things began to look up starting with the 300-meter hurdles, and Capelle had the chance to give Harrison County its first state finalist of the season. The race began with a false start, but it wasn’t Capelle as had happened in the Corydon Central sectional, when she was disqualified in the 100-meter hurdles.
‘I was thinking, ‘Not again, not again’,’ she said. ‘I had to shake it off.’
The Corydon Central sophomore came through turns three and four leading the field. In the last 50 meters, however, Capelle was kept from getting the win by Bloomington North’s Trinity Clements and finished in a time of 46.18 seconds.
‘I got back in it when I was down in the blocks,’ she said. ‘They felt really smooth. It was just give it your all.’
Capelle said she has never attended a state finals and will use her first time to gain experience.
‘I would like to use it as a learning experience, most definitely,’ she said.
The pole vault was coming to the end in the field events, and Floyd Central’s Kavgazoff found herself being challenged a little more than she expected as Brown County’s Emily Brady matched her 11-foot vault as the two battled for the top spot.
The bar went up to 11 feet, 6 inches, and Kavgazoff missed on her first attempt to leave a door open for Brady. On her second attempt, the Floyd Central senior sailed over the bar and into the top spot, while Brady missed on her next two chances. Kavgazoff made three attempts at 11-9 but came up short. However, her height of 11-6 was good enough for the win.
In the final event, the 1,600-meter relay, the Lady Panthers knew they had something to prove. Keely Martin had finished fifth in the 100-meter dash, while Salomon had struggled in her field events and the 400-meter relay team had placed fourth. Capelle had a boost from finishing second in the 300 hurdles, and senior anchor Jordan Dagenhart didn’t want to see her season end just yet.
Martin and Salomon ran the first two legs, keeping the Lady Panthers in the lead group in fourth place. Capelle then took the baton, and it was like rocket engines kicked in. She passed Providence’s Alyson Bass for third on the exchange then went after Jeffersonville’s Asia Williams, making the pass on the backstretch and putting Corydon Central into second place with one leg to go.
Dagenhart took the baton from Capelle and blasted away into turn one ahead of Jeffersonville’s Candea Smith. Dagenhart held on to the second spot until the final stretch when Smith came back to put Jeffersonville in second. Still, the Lady Panthers earned a state berth with a school record time of 4:07.88.
‘I knew I had to pass (Williams) on the straightaway, because, in the turn, it would have been really hard,’ Capelle said. ‘I had to get my spot, and I had to keep it. I knew my fourth runner, Jordan, was really nervous about it. We knew Jordan and Kaitlin were graduating, so we didn’t want it to end here.’
‘(Capelle) has just lit a fire,’ Bussabarger said. ‘I don’t know where this fire had come from her, but, for a sophomore, she has stepped up tremendously. When she made that pass, I looked at Jordan and said, ‘This is your race. You’ve got to go.’ Jordan is my fighter to the end. She will fight and fight, and she ran her butt off.’
‘They all PRed again,’ she said. ‘The 4×100 PRed, the 4×400. People are PRing. I’m happy. They work hard. They give me what I ask; no questions, no complaints. They do it.’

Girls’ team results: 1. Bloomington South 99.5, 2. Bloomington North 91, 3. Jeffersonville 42, 4. New Albany 41, 5. Floyd Central 34, 6t. Seymour 29, 6t. Providence 29, 8t. Corydon Central 26, 8t. Linton-Stockton 26, 8t. Brown County 26, 11. Silver Creek 21, 12. Madison 19.5, 13. Martinsville 16, 14. Henryville 14, 15t. Salem 12, 15t. Edgewood 12, 17t. Bedford North Lawrence 11, 17t. North Harrison 11, 19. Charlestown 10, 20. Borden 9, 21. Bloomfield 8, 22. Southwestern 6, 23. Shakamak 5, 24t. West Washington 4, 24t. White River Valley 4, 26t. Austin 3.5, 26t. Crawford County 3.5, 28t. Brownstown 3, 28t. Trinity Lutheran 3, 30t. Rock Creek Academy 2, 30t. Crothersville 2, 32. Orleans 1.
Girls individual results (Top 3 to State): 100 ‘ 1. Megan Grabowski (BS) 12.62, 2. Jayla Bethel (NA) 12.74, 3. Emily Morrone (BS) 12.93; 200 ‘ 1. Megan Grabowski (BS) 25.91, 2. Jhala Henry (Jeff) 25.99, 3. Jayla Bethel (NA) 26.16; 400 ‘ 1. Charmaine Solis (Prov) 59.09, 2. Jaela Campbell (BN) 59.40, 3. Hailey Lacy (Jeff) 1:00.04; 800 ‘ 1. Kate Raphael (BN) 2:17.97, 2. Bayley Wade (Prov) 2:18.98, 3. Alex Warzyniak (BS) 2:18.98; 1,600 ‘ 1. Kate Raphael (BN) 5:03.28, 2. Alex Waryniak (BS) 5:03.85, 3. Zoey Johnson (Sey) 5:09.95; 3,200 ‘ 1. Zoey Johnson (Sey) 11:20.66, 2. Alli Workman (Blmfld) 11:40.37, 3. Cia Greene (Hnryvl) 11:47.44; 100 hurdles ‘ 1. Trinity Clements (BN) 14.83, 2. Gracie Heeb (BN) 15.59, 3. Emily Brady (BC) 16.00; 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Trinity Clements (BN) 45.88, 2. Sidney Capelle (Cor) 46.18, 3. Elizabeth Conway (Edgwd) 46.51; 400 relay ‘ 1. Bloomington South 49.06*, 2. New Albany 49.08, 3. Jeffersonville 49.87; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Bloomington North 4:00.59*, 2. Jeffersonville 4:06.94, 3. Corydon Central 4:07.88; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Bloomington South 9:44.95, 2. Floyd Central 9:48.18, 3. Silver Creek 10:01.51; High jump ‘ 1. Megan Kimbley (Sey) 5-3, 2. Emily Holland (Mad) 5-3, 3. Ashley Hash (BN) 5-2; Pole vault ‘ 1. Rachel Kavgazoff (FC) 11-6, 2. Emily Brady (BC) 11-0, 3. Emily Finley (BS) 10-6; Long jump ‘ 1. Gracie Heeb (BS) 17-1-1/2, 2. Macy Fidler (Lntn) 17-1, 3. Whitley Brock (BNL) 17-0; Shot put ‘ 1. Liz Iversen (Mrtnsvl) 48-2-1/4, 2. Micaela Hazlewood (Lntn) 45-3-1/4, 3. Megan Brooks (Chrlstn) 42-6-1/4; Discus ‘ 1. Macaela Hazlewood (Lntn) 151-11, 2. Natalie Uhl (Hnryvl) 148-00, 3. Liz Iversen (Mrtnsvl) 137-0.
*Meet record