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Four records fall at girls’ track sectional

Four records fall at girls’ track sectional
Four records fall at girls’ track sectional
North Harrison sprinter Shaylah Neal takes off from her blocks in the 200-meter dash trials at last Tuesday's Corydon Central Sectional meet. Photos by Brian Smith

The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders track team won its fifth straight sectional championship last Tuesday night, bettering county rival New Albany by 21 points. It was a night four sectional records fell to the ground in shattered pieces.
‘Fred Geswein, he’s a track and field legend; he gave the biggest compliment to me today of my track coaching career,’ Floyd Central coach Kyle Weglieb said. ‘He labeled our track and field team a program. He said a lot of teams around here in Southern Indiana get kids out and want to do it, but we consider our school a track and field program.’
‘We set goals,’ he said. ‘We have pre-season, mid-season, championship season; being the conference, sectional and beyond, we still have goals. You have the regional and state finals. We think, hopefully, to two or three events in the state finals, maybe even scoring in one, which would be nice.’
The Lady Highlanders put a lot of points on the board in the field events. In the high jump, Floyd Central senior Schyler Cequeira earned 10 points for her team with a jump of 5 feet. Providence’s Sarah Welse was at the same height but finished second as Cequeira had fewer misses.
‘5-2, I almost got,’ Cequeira said. ‘I’ve been right up there this year, because I’ve been struggling with getting that. I’ve got it once. I didn’t feel it the second jump. I almost had it, and I didn’t feel myself hit it, so I really don’t know what got it. That kind of sucks.’
Crawford County’s Shawna Johnson didn’t have her best day, finishing third at 4 feet, 10 inches, but she was glad to be advancing to the regional.
‘It was my butt,’ Johnson said after barely brushing the bar on her last attempt at 5-feet. ‘My mom told me I need to lose some of that.’
‘I tried to be as confident as I could, because, being my last sectional, I really wanted to make something happen,’ she said. ‘At least, I’m still going to regional. Either way, I’m going to be going, which is exciting. There’s some competitors here that are going, but I feel like, if I bring what I know I can do, I can probably beat them there.’
Floyd Central’s Rachael Kavgazoff broke the first of four sectional records that fell during the meet, flying across the bar at 11 feet to win the pole vault. Teammate Riley Smith finished third at eight feet.
‘I had an expectation of getting 11-6,’ Kavgazoff said. ‘I just wanted to keep getting that consistently for state, but I just couldn’t get it. I just got sad about it. … Twelve is what I’m after. Hopefully, at state I can get 12, or regionals, if I can get 12, it would be awesome.’
Floyd Central also garnered some big points in the shot put, with Madison Kaiser finishing second with a throw of 38 feet, 1-1/4 inches. Borden’s Carson Casey won both throwing events, the shot put at 38-3 and discus at 114-4. Crawford County’s Michelle Smith placed third in both events to advance to the Bloomington North Regional.
Kaiser learned after the event that she had missed her own school record by just eight inches and the sectional record by only 3-3/4 inches.
‘Now, I’m mad,’ Kaiser said after the event. ‘I thought I had that. Goodness gracious. I felt pretty good, because I came from running. So, I was pretty loose. It gets the adrenaline going. My first two felt good. I didn’t have any warm-up throws, so I just kind of went into it. The last one, I was just trying to make myself mad and getting pumped up and stuff. I hit it, and I kind of went up there and didn’t give myself enough time to think. I think that’s what helped, too. I just went in there and threw.’
Corydon Central’s Kaitlin Salomon scored big for the Lady Panthers in the long jump. She landed a huge jump of 16 feet, 11 inches on her last attempt to win the event but missed the sectional record by just one inch.
‘I’ve never jumped that before,’ Salomon said of her personal best. ‘My longest was 16-6 until today. My steps are always really screwed up all the time every meet. I’m over or under. I switched which foot I started with, and then I was on the board. … The jump I got 16-11 I felt like I was attacking the board. I hit it and felt myself jump up before I jumped out. That’s what they’ve been trying to get me to do all year. I just hadn’t done it yet.’
Corydon Central’s Keely Martin finished third to qualify for the regional in the 100-meter dash. The Lady Panthers, however, lost some valuable numbers in the 100-meter hurdles, when event favorite Sidney Capelle was disqualified for a false start. That opened the door for Providence’s Morgan Day, who won in 16.22 seconds. Corydon Central’s Olivia Lawson was second (16.48), and Floyd Central’s Kaiser was third (16.80).
‘I was just so anxious to get it over with,’ Capelle admitted after the miscue. ‘I love that race, so I was really devastated with what happened.’
‘She was really upset, and I wanted to win it for her, but I came close. So, at least I tried,’ Lawson said. ‘She probably would have won if it hadn’t been for that. I’m proud of her. She still has two more years. It feels good. It’s my last year, and I wanted to go out with a bang.’
Capelle later redeemed herself in the 300-meter hurdles, winning by a second (46.34) over New Albany’s Eze Ueheoma (47.32).
‘I had to prove myself, because I’m better than that,’ Capelle said. ‘I just wanted to win. I was so mad at myself, because I knew I was much better than that. I shouldn’t have done it. I ran a PR tonight 46 unofficial. I’ve been trying to aim for the 46’s. Finally.’
Two sectional records fell in the relays. New Albany ran a time of 48.86 for a new mark in the 400-meter relay, with Corydon Central second (50.70), South Central third (52.52) and Floyd Central fourth (52.64). Corydon Central set a new mark in the 1,600-meter relay with a new fast time of 4:08.03. New Albany was second (4:09.14), Providence third (4:12.99) and Floyd Central fourth (4:13.05).
North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler won both of the distance events, running a 5:29.53 to win the 1,600 meters and a 12:06.83 to win in the 3,200 meters.
‘I was aiming for 5:20 or under, and I was 5:29, so I was about two seconds off each split,’ Bosler said of her 1,600 run. ‘There’s plenty of room. I have this goal, and it sounds crazy, but I want to be at 5:00 or in the 4’s. That would just be phenomenal to me. I have to go get it.’
The North Harrison junior wasn’t completely happy with her 3,200 time.
‘I need to work on that time quite a bit,’ she said. ‘That’s above where I want it to be right now. I didn’t meet it. I’ve got another hard week of training ahead, so I’m looking forward to it.’
Floyd Central senior Zoe Doebbler advanced to the Bloomington North Regional with a second-place finish behind Bosler in the 3,200-meter run. Doebbler said she would have liked to have won but was happy to advance.
‘My goal coming into the race was to win just because it’s my senior year,’ she said. ‘I would have liked to have done that. Every year at sectional, I’ve always got either fourth or fifth, so, even though I didn’t win, I was happy with the race I had, getting second instead of barely making it to regional.’
North Harrison’s Shaylah Neal had a handful of deuces for her sectional performance. She first finished second in the long jump with a distance of 15 feet, 10-1/2 inches. The Lady Cat sophomore finished second (1:00.19) in the 400-meter dash behind Providence’s Charmaine Solis (58.87). Neal was also second in the 200-meter dash behind New Albany’s Jayla Bethel’s sectional record time of 26.09 with a time of 26.30.
‘Lucky 2’s,’ Neal said following the 200-meter dash. ‘I want to do good in regionals. It’s so close to first. I want to be up there and get it. I was very close.’
Girls’ team scores: 1. Floyd Central 138, 2. New Albany 117, 3. Providence 82, 4. Corydon Central 81, 5. North Harrison 66, 6. South Central 46, 7. Borden 45, 8. Crawford County 33, 9. Lanesville 12, 10. Christian Academy 3.
Girls’ individual results (Top 4 to Regional): 100 ‘ 1. J. Bethel (NA) 12.73, 2. S. Welsh (Prov), 3. K. Martin (Cor), 4. A. Bell (NA); 200 ‘ 1. J. Bethel (NA) 26.09*, 2. S.Neal (NH), 3. C. Solis (Prov) 4. C. Anthony (NA); 400 ‘ 1. C. Solis (Prov) 58.87, 2. S. Neal (NH), 3. S. Bostock (FC), 4. A. Ragan (FC); 800 ‘ 1. B. Wade (Prov) 2:21.60, 2. N. Lods (NA), 3. M. Combs (FC), 4. J. Bierman (FC); 1,600 ‘ 1. A. Bosler (NH) 5:29.53, 2. G. Rodriguez (FC), 3. N. Lods (NA), 4. K. Martin (NA); 3,200 ‘ 1. A. Bosler (NH) 12:06. 83, 2. Z. Doebbler (FC), 3. M. Paul (FC), 4. O. Nash (NA); 100 hurdles ‘ 1. M. Day (Prov) 16.22, 2. O. Lawson (Cor), 3. M. Kaiser (FC) 4. U. Eze (NA); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. S. Capelle (Cor) 46.34, 2. U. Eze (NA), 3. S. Kirchgessner (Bor), 4. M. Day (Prov); 400 relay ‘ 1. New Albany 49.86*, 2. Corydon Central, 3. South Central, 4. Floyd Central; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Corydon Central 4:08.03*, 2. New Albany, 3. Providence, 4. Floyd Central; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Floyd Central 9:57.76, 2. New Albany, 3. North Harrison, 4. Providence; High jump ‘ 1. S. Cerqueira (FC) 5-0, 2. S. Welsh (Prov), 3. S. Johnson (CC) 4. B. Crosier (SoC); Pole vault ‘ 1. R. Kavgazoff (FC) 11-0*, 2. S. Kirchgessner (Bor), 3. R. Smith (FC) 4. E. Book (NH); Long jump ‘ 1. K. Salomon (Cor) 16-11, 2. S. Neal (NH), 3. B. Blackman (SoC), 4. S. Cerqueira (FC); Shot put ‘ 1. C. Casey (Bor) 38-3, 2. M. Kaiser (FC), 3. M. Smith (CC), 4. C. John (Cor); Discus ‘ 1. C. Casey (Bor) 114-4, 2. K. Price (FC), 3. M. Smith (CC), 4. C. John (Cor).
*Sectional record