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South Central boys, girls SAC runners-up

South Central boys, girls SAC runners-up
South Central boys, girls SAC runners-up
Brandon Huda takes the baton from South Central teammate Zack Goodwin in the 1,600-meter relay. Huda went on to win two events (200, 400) and Goodwin one (high jump) at the Southern Athletic Conference meet. Photo by Brian Smith

South Central was knocking on the door at the Southern Athletic Conference track and field meet, but the boys’ and girls’ teams finished second.
The tightest team race was on the girls’ side with Henryville coming out ahead with 138 points while South Central closed the two-day meet with 115. Borden was third with 100, and Lanesville was fifth with 37.
For the boys, Borden was the clear-cut winner, scoring 167 points. South Central (98) held off rival Lanesville (84) for second place.
Four Harrison County athletes won multiple events: South Central’s Brandon Huda, Jasmine Nalley and Bailey Crosier, along with Lanesville’s Micah Lane.
The girls’ running events and boys’ field events took place last Tuesday while vice-versa took place Thursday.
Girls’ meet
South Central’s drive to place second was paced by placing in the top two in all three relays, along with individual wins by Bailey Crosier and Jasmine Nalley.
Picking up a pair of wins, Crosier won Tuesday on the track in the 400-meter dash, running in 1:03.19. She came back on Thursday to win a field event, the high jump.
Caught in a battle with Borden’s Natalie Ruedinger, Crosier had to match her with jumps. Five jumpers cleared 4 feet, 10 inches, but it was Crosier and Ruedinger who were able to lift over 5-0. Neither, however, could clear 5-2 in three attempts, leaving a tie for the top spot.
Nalley’s best came in the 100 hurdles, edging out Lanesville’s Maddi White. Down to the wire, Nalley crossed first in 17.58 seconds with White at 17.73. South Central’s Sabra Walker was third in the race, going in 19.18.
In other individual events, Nalley was third in the 300 hurdles (55.11 seconds) and the long jump (15-0). Also in the long jump, South Central’s Breanna Blackman was fourth (14-3-3/4) and White was fifth (14-3).
As a team, South Central won the 400 relay. Rolling along in 54.09 seconds, the team of Sidney Goodman, Lela Board, Nalley and Blackman took care of business in the event.
South Central had a pair of second-place finishes in the remaining relays. The foursome of Maddison O’Connor, Crosier, Goodman and Blackman ran a 4:50.54 in the 1,600, while Sandy Wagner, Elizabeth Pettit, Kristain Proctor and O’Connor ran a 11:30.52 in the 3,200.
Wagner had the best finish among distance runners for South Central, taking fourth in the 1,600 (5:59.34).
Among sprinters, Lanesville’s Erica Daly got up for second in the 200 (27.88) while placing third in the 100 (13.44). The top seven in the 100 all finished within a second of one another.
Also in the 100, South Central’s Blackman was fourth while Crosier third in the 200.
Lanesville got a second-place finish out of Bailey Kaake in the 800 (2:46.68). In the same race, O’Connor was third and Wagner was fourth for the Lady Rebels.
South Central’s Miranda Kiper paced South Central in throwing events: third in the shot (29-10-1/2) and fourth in the discus (85-3).
Coach of the Year honors went to Josh Conrad (Henryville) and Virgil Casper (South Central).
Boys’ meet
Thursday was a busy one on the track for South Central’s Brandon Huda. Competing the sprints, along with the 400 and a relay, Huda cashed in with a pair of victories.
‘Two wins in the 200 and 400 ‘ I wanted the 100 but didn’t get it ‘ it was a pretty successful day,’ Huda said.
Huda was a convincing winner in the 200 (24.56) and 400 (54.0), taking both by nearly half a second.
‘The 200 was probably one of my most dominate runs of the year,’ Huda said. ‘I saw an opportunity on the turn and figured I had enough in me and pushed for the win.’
In the 100, Huda was near the front but was edged out by Lanesville’s Greg Daly. Daly leaned forward for a time of 12.29, while Huda finished in 12.39.
It was busy for Huda, who had to prep for each race right after completing one.
‘For a sprinter, it is tough to run back to back,’ Huda said. ‘There are trials and finals, and, at the max, I get a 10-minute break. It takes a lot of wear on the muscles.’
Lanesville’s Jacob Watkins took third in the 200 (25.06), while South Central’s Zach Goodwin was third in the 400 (56.56).
Goodwin didn’t go home empty handed. Partaking in the high jump, Goodwin was tops, clearing 6-0. Lanesville’s Caleb Clifton was tied for third, clearing 5-8.
Clifton, moving from one jump to another, posted the best long jump, leaping 19-1-1/4. South Central’s Aidan Romero was second (18-10), while Lanesville’s Zack Jones was fourth (18-0-3/4).
Also in field events, Lanesville’s Anthony Stilger was fourth in the discus throw (107-5).
Lane had a big day for the Eagles as well, rolling to wins in the hurdles by comfortable margins. Admittedly his most experienced event, the 110 hurdles, Lane won in 16.42. Coming back for the 300 hurdles, Lane won going away in 43.27.
‘It’s a good feeling, just trying to get faster before sectional,’ Lane said. ‘This is the first year I’ve run the 300 hurdles, so I’m still training for it. I’ve been training for the 400, so I have the distance run down so I combine it with the 100 hurdle form.’
Clifton, Lane’s teammate, took a hard fall in the turn and wasn’t able to finish. He was to the outside of Lane during the 300 race.
‘It was hard to watch because I was worried about him the whole time,’ Lane said.
South Central’s Dillon Scott took third in both hurdle events.
Other top individual efforts included South Central’s Logan Stewart (third, 800), Lanesville’s Luke Walker (fourth, 1,600) and Gabe Sronce (fourth, 3,200).
In relay events, South Central was second in the 400 (Charles Tostaine, Romero, Logan, Scott) and 1,600 (Goodwin, Romero, Huda, Scott). Lanesville’s team of David Blank, Zack Jones, Walker and Sronce were second in the 3,200 relay.
Coach of the Year went to Borden’s Liz Carmony.

Girls’ team scores: 1. Henryville 138, 2. South Central 115, 3. Borden 100, 4. Crothersville 70, 5. Lanesville 37, 6. New Washington 24.
Girls’ individual results: 100 ‘ 1. K. Christian (C) 13.15, 2. S. Kirchgessner (B), 3. E. Daly (L); 200 ‘ 1. K. Christian (C) 27.26, 2. E. Daly (L), 3. B. Crosier (SC); 400 ‘ 1. B. Crosier (SC) 1:03.19, 2. B. Marr (B) 1:03.87, 3. B. Barger (C); 800 ‘ 1. S. Spears (H) 2:35.95, 2. B. Kaake (L), 3. M. O’Connor (SC); 1600 ‘ 1. C. Greene (H) 5:27.68, 2. S. Spears (H), 3. O. Grabe (NW); 3200 ‘ 1. C. Greene (H) 11:52, 2. S. Spears (H), 3. O. Grabe (NW); 100 hurdles ‘ 1. J. Nalley (SC) 17.58, 2. M. White (L), 3. B. Hensley (C); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. S. Kirchgessner (B) 50.03, 2. H. Huddleston (H), 3. J. Nalley (SC); 400 relay ‘ 1. South Central (B. Blackman, L. Board, S. Goodman, J. Nalley) 54.09, 2. Crothersville, 3. Borden; 1600 relay ‘ 1. Henryville (M. O’Lone, M. Cox, C. Greene, H. Huddleston) 4:35.24, 2. South Central, 3. Crothersville; 3200 relay ‘ 1. Henryville (S. Spears, H. Shuler, M. O’Lone, C. Greene) 10:54.14; High jump ‘ 1t. N. Ruedinger (B) 5-0, 1t. B. Crosier (SC) 5-0, 3t. H. Huddleston (H), 3t. K. Schnieder (C), 3t. K. Christian (C); Pole vault ‘ 1. S. Kirchgessner (B) 8-6, 2. N. LaMotte (H), 3. B. Hurst (B); Long jump ‘ 1. H. Shuler (H) 15-5 1/2, 2. S. Spall (C), 3. J. Nalley (SC); Shot put ‘ 1. C. Casey (B) 36-8, 2. N. Uhl (H), 3. M. Kiper (SC); Discus ‘ 1. C. Casey (B) 119-4, 2. N. Uhl (H), 3. H. White (H).
Boys’ team scores: 1. Borden 167, 2. South Central 98, 3. Lanesville 84, 4. Henryville 63, 5. New Washington 59, 6. Crothersville 2.
Boys’ individual results: 100 ‘ 1. G. Daly (L) 12.29, 2. B. Knight (B), 3. B. Huda (SC); 200 ‘ 1. B. Huda (SC) 24.56, 2. B. Knight (B), 3. J. Watkins (L); 400 ‘ 1. B. Huda (SC) 54.0, 2. Ge. Tipker (B), 3. Z. Goodwin (SC); 800 ‘ 1. J. Magallanes (B) 2:00.9, 2. Ga. Tipker (B), 3. S. Logan (SC); 1600 ‘ 1. J. Magallanes (B) 4:32.53, 2. J. Hedrick (H), 3. Ge. Tipker (B); 3200 ‘ 1. J. Magallanes (B) 10:11.53, 2. J. Hedrick (H), 3. N. Magallanes (B); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. M. Lane (L) 16.42, 2. W. Wright (NW), 3. D. Scott (SC); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. M. Lane (L) 43.27, 2. B. McGee (B), 3. D. Scott (SC); 400 relay ‘ 1. Borden (B. Knight, J. Rafferty, B. McGee, D. Wright) 48.05, 2. South Central, 3. New Washington; 1600 relay ‘ 1. Borden (Ga. Tipker, Ge. Tipker, J. Rafferty, B. McGee) 3:43.32, 2. South Central, 3. Henryville; 3200 relay ‘ 1. Borden (N. Magallanes, Ge. Tipker, J. Magallanes, Ga. Tipker) 9:09.45, 2. Lanesville, 3. South Central; High jump ‘ 1. Z. Goodwin (SC) 6-0, 2. E. Dieterlen (H), 3t. W. Wright (NW), 3t. C. Clifton (L); Pole vault ‘ 1. J. Rafferty (B) 12-1, 2. C. Tanner (H); Long jump ‘ 1. C. Clifton (L) 19-1 1/4, 2. A. Romero (SC), 3. E. Dieterlen (H); Shot put ‘ 1. B. Williams (B) 42-8, 2. A. Mast (B), 3. J. Fox (NW); Discus ‘ 1. B. Williams (B) 139-0, 2. A. Mast (B), 3. J. Seals (NW).