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Election board dismisses case, handles provisional ballots

A woman who filed a complaint with the Harrison County Election Board regarding campaign signs withdrew her complaint Friday.
Harrison County resident Kelly Allen had asked that the signs paid for by senior citizens in support of Kyle Byrne, a Democrat candidate for the Spencer Township trustee position, be removed because ‘not all senior citizens paid for those and are not supporting (Byrne).’ Allen also questioned whether the seniors’ group had formed a Political Action Committee.
Although she was requested to attend an April 24 meeting, Allen was not in attendance because she didn’t believe she was required to due to her perception of the wording sent in a request to appear from the election board.
Both Allen and Byrne were subpoenaed and in attendance at Friday’s meeting.
Allen said she wasn’t out to sue anybody and, due to her health, ‘didn’t need this.’
‘Once the complaint was filed, I thought it was a serious issue and you all would look into it,’ Allen said. ‘I didn’t want any criminal action. I just wanted to make sure everything was filed properly. I just had a question.’
Since Allen wanted to withdraw her complaint, the board dropped the matter completely.
Byrne lost his party’s bid in a four-way race in the May 6 Primary Election.
Prior to the complaint hearing, the election board went over 10 provisional ballots from the May 6 Primary and counted four (two were due to voting in the wrong precinct, one was a clerical error and the fourth was resolved after the voter presented identification).