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New Salisbury carrier a ‘superhero’

New Salisbury carrier a ‘superhero’
New Salisbury carrier a ‘superhero’
Cheryl Murphy, a rural carrier for the New Salisbury Post Office, sorts mail before her route. Submitted photo

Inspired by limited edition Priority Mail boxes featuring ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ movie, the U.S. Postal Service recently honored postal employees who have demonstrated heroism or extraordinary community service.
The event took place April 28, which is National Superhero Day that was started by a group of employees at Marvel Comics in 1995 to honor real life and fictional heroes.
At the New Salisbury Post Office, rural carrier Cheryl Murphy was recognized as a letter carrier who is always ready to spring into action while out delivering mail.
While on her route last August, Murphy saw a customer wave from his driveway and sensed something wasn’t right, according to Terri Reed, postmaster at New Salisbury. When Murphy investigated, she found the customer was bleeding.
The man had fallen out of his wheelchair a couple of hours earlier onto a barbed wire fence that surrounds his garden, Reed said. What made the situation more severe was he was on blood-thinner medication.
Murphy, who was unable to get the man back into his wheelchair, called 911 and remained with the customer until help arrived, Reed said.
For her efforts, Murphy was also acknowledge by the Postmaster General.
In conjunction with the opening of the Spider-Man movie, the U.S. Postal Service has aired commercials promoting the film and its Priority Mail packaging. According to the USPS, Priority Mail products share many of the same qualities as Spider-Man: speed, agility and reliability. Priority Mail Flat Rate products offer improved tracking, day specific delivery and free insurance up to $50.
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