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The Seamstress opens shop in Lanesville

The Seamstress opens shop in Lanesville
The Seamstress opens shop in Lanesville
Carol Pennington sews a patch onto a Corydon Central letterman jacket Thursday in her shop, The Seamstress, in Lanesville. Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor

Carol Pennington’s love for sewing began when she took a home economics class during the eighth grade, as well as from her mother, who was also a seamstress. Now, Pennington has a seamstress shop in Lanesville.
Born in Illinois and raised in Louisville, Pennington lived in many Southern Indiana towns before locating most recently to Corydon.
‘I think I’m a Hoosier,’ she said Thursday afternoon while taking a break from sewing a patch on a letterman jacket.
Her shop, The Seamstress, is located at 7310 Main St. in Lanesville. Many years ago, when she lived elsewhere, Pennington had a shop next to her home that was near a school.
‘I would sew for the school,’ including the mascot costume and cheerleading outfits, she said.
Pennington eventually retired, ‘more or less,’ she said, and ‘sat around.’
However, ‘I didn’t want to do that,’ she said, so she opened The Seamstress.
Pennington initially opened it in August and ‘did a little for a few months’ before closing in order to have surgery. She reopened several weeks ago.
‘I really enjoy it,’ she said.
Her services include alterations, replacing zippers and quilting.
‘I’ve done some of the strangest things,’ Pennington said, such as repairing an inflatable bounce house and a horse blanket. She also altered a jockey jacket for a woman.
Most recently, she has been altering dresses for high school prom goers.
Pennington has five sewing machines, a hemmer and a surger.
The turn-around time is generally ‘a couple of days,’ she said.
When she’s not sewing for customers, Pennington might be doing alterations for any of her three daughters or three granddaughters (a grandson is due to arrive next month).
The Seamstress is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pennington plans to be closed on Mondays once school is out for the summer.
‘I enjoy the people stopping in and talking to me,’ she said. ‘I’ve met some really good people.’
The Seamstress’ phone number is 812-952-1060.