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4 Dems up for 9th District nod

4 Dems up for 9th District nod
4 Dems up for 9th District nod
Bill Bailey

The Democrat ballots for the May 6 Primary Election will include four candidates for Indiana’s Ninth District congressional seat.
Bill Bailey of Seymour, James R. McClure Jr. of Clarksville, J.S. Miller of Nashville, and William Joseph (Billy) Thomas of Corydon are seeking their party’s nomination to challenge the Republicans’ nominee, either incumbent Todd Young of Bloomington, Mark G. Jones of Indianapolis or Kathy Lowe-Heil of Elizabeth, to be determined in the Primary.
Below are the Democrat candidates’ exact responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper.
Name: Bill Bailey
Address: Seymour
Family: Wife ‘ Dr. Lisa Siefker Bailey, Daughter ‘ Susan, Stepson ‘ Sterling, grandchildren ‘ Cameron and Juliann
Education/Occupation/Political experience: B.S. degrees in English and speech, Murray State University; graduate study in economics, IUPUI; Democrat member Seymour City Council 1976-1980; Democrat Mayor of Seymour 1983-1990; Democrat member of Indiana House of Representatives 1990-2000; president Seymour Chamber of Commerce 2000-2014.
Contact information for voters: U.S. Postal: Bill Bailey for Congress, P.O. Box 991, Seymour, IN 47274; e-mail: [email protected]; campaign phone: 1-812-271-1398; website:; Twitter: @BillBaileyIN.
Why are you seeking the office?: I am completely fed up with Congressional dysfunction. Congress no longer governs, it just campaigns. Believe in term limits. Not a career so I can say yes to a good idea that benefits 9th district wherever it comes from, or no to a bad one. Proven history of economic development, public service and working across political aisle to get things done.
As Congress, and the country as a whole, becomes more polarized, how can lawmakers come together to pass meaningful legislation? What pieces of legislation do you consider most needed, and why?: They simply put the needs of the district’s citizens in front of their own personal political futures by practicing servant leadership. Focus on common good, not political good. Term limits would prevent careers based on constant fundraising and political IOUs. More support for education, K-lifelong learning and workforce training. Any economic development initiative. Veterans support. Farm bill. Environment and infrastructure maintenance.
Name: James R. McClure Jr.
Address: Clarksville
Family: Theresa ‘ wife; James III, Leland, Cassandra, Alexander ‘ children
Education/Occupation/Political experience: A.S. from the Community College of the Air Force ‘ 1994; IT Analyst; I have never been elected to public office. I am not a politician. This is not My career; this is My vocation.
Contact information for voters: Phone: 1-812-542 0168; e-mail: [email protected]; Facebook:; Twitter: @JamesRMcClureJr; issue profile:
Why are you seeking the office?: Todd Young no longer represents IN09. His votes for continued violations of the Fourth Amendment by the NSA, eliminating the debt ceiling and funding the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act show that he is disconnected from the Southern Indiana electorate. He has sold out his constituents for a seat on Ways and Means and is little more than John Boehner’s puppet. IN09 demands better of her public servants. A return to The Constitution will better serve Southern Indiana and the United States.
As Congress, and the country as a whole, becomes more polarized, how can lawmakers come together to pass meaningful legislation? What pieces of legislation do you consider most needed, and why?: Congress can come together by following The Constitution and working to ensure a financially secure future for the United States. We cannot continue to borrow $4 out of every $10 we spend. It is criminal and morally wrong. I will work to advance legislation which restores the constitutional government the Founders crafted, including reining in or eliminating the alphabet bureaucracy which chokes the freedom of American citizens daily. Congress must take back the legislating power, in accordance with Article 1, Section 1, which it abrogated, from the Executive and only pass legislation which adheres to Article 1, Section 8.
Name: J.S. Miller
Address: Nashville
Family: Proud father of two children
Education/Occupation/Political experience: Education: Bloomington High School South (1988); B.A. ‘ political science, Indiana University; M.P.A. ‘ Comparative and International Affairs and Public Management, Indiana University SPEA
Occupation: Candidate for Congress. Worked as research associate/policy analyst at Indiana University (SPEA); legislative relations director for the Student Body at IU; served the Legislative Services Agency; taught home-bound children; and coordinated a Step-Ahead Program for families in need.
Political experience: Not a politician, but a policy person. For six years I was paid to research the problems we presently face and develop solutions for them. Never run for office before.
Contact information for voters: Website,; Facebook: Miller 2014; e-mail, [email protected]
Why are you seeking the office?: I seek this office because, like you, I am tired of our nation, our families and our citizens suffering under the least productive Congress in the history of the Republic. Like you, I am tired of ideologies, political games and petty bickering interfering with the business of our country. I want to serve you because I am fed up with Congressmen like Todd Young playing games while the special interests that support him cut our pay, take our houses and sell the farm out from under us.
As Congress, and the country as a whole, becomes more polarized, how can lawmakers come together to pass meaningful legislation? What pieces of legislation do you consider most needed, and why?: Unfortunately, we cannot legislate civility, but there are practical people in Congress. I believe that together with these people we can get things done. We must. There are three things that can be done to pass meaningful legislation: 1) We need to un-elect the troublemakers and gamesmen like Todd Young; 2) Build coalitions around important issues like high-speed rail; and 3) Get money out of the political process. To this, I will fight for the passage of HR 20, which reforms campaign finance laws toward small, citizen-funded campaigns. You can find this bill at I believe very little can be meaningfully done without changing the way money influences politics. Congress should be working for and doing the business of the people of their district, not the people who donate the most money. A second important piece of legislation is to raise the minimum wage. Minimum wage workers must work 2.6 jobs just to afford a decent apartment and support their families. This is wrong.
Name: William Joseph Thomas
Address: Corydon
Family: Wife Beth is a nurse here in Southern Indiana. Beth and I have been together for 34 years and have five children: Tyler, Darcey, Morgan, Benjamin and Hunter
Education/Occupation/Political experience: Graduate of Massasoit College (Massachusetts), graduate from Indiana University, seminary graduate with degrees in biblical studies and pastoral ministry; licensed real estate broker Indiana and Massachusetts, licensed pilot, and pastor.
Contact information for voters: Mailing address: Website:; e-mail: [email protected]; mailing address: P.O. Box 11, Corydon, IN 47112
Why are you seeking the office?: Our government is not being managed in a manner in which our founding fathers had envisioned; the constitution is being watered down and nobody will stand up for it. Many of the politicians in Washington have become self-serving at the expense of the people; we have moved into a direction in which my good conscience cannot see the country left for future generations. The United States is in dire need of sound judgment and sound leadership, for the people, and by the people, making decisions which have a positive impact on the country and future generations. Over the past 24 months, we have had problems with the IRS, healthcare, immigration reform, Fast and Furious (guns to Mexico drug cartel), government shutdown, Benghazi Embassy debacle, Syrian threats, Iranian threats, North Korean threats, and current threats with Russia. And what has Congress done to eliminate or alleviate these issues? Nothing!
As Congress, and the country as a whole, becomes more polarized, how can lawmakers come together to pass meaningful legislation? What pieces of legislation do you consider most needed, and why?: We have too much spending, too much mismanagement, and too much fighting among our politicians. We have reached a time where we need to make difficult decisions for the future of the United States. It is my intention to be a leader and a mediator for the people of Indiana. The budget is at $17 trillion and growing, expected to reach $24 trillion by the year 2020. At the current rate, the deficit equates to $55,000 for every man woman and child in the United States; we need to get to work on balancing the budget. I intend to work on the following issue: Woman’s Rights, religious freedom, affordable health care, balancing the budget, increase Social Security benefits, border security, immigration reform, bringing jobs back to Southern Indiana and the United States, improved minimum wage, benefits for men and women of the armed forces, improvements to our infrastructure, fund a strong military, upholding the ‘Constitution of the United States.’