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Jackson Township trustee challenged

Jackson Township trustee challenged
Jackson Township trustee challenged
Joseph E. Martin

Residents in Jackson Township who select a Democrat ballot in the May 6 Primary Election will find two candidates seeking the township trustee position.
Incumbent Joseph E. Martin, who is completing his eighth term as township trustee, is being challenged by Jeremy Zabel of Crandall, who is making his first bid for office.
There are no candidates at this time on the Republican ballot for this position. However, the party has until noon Monday, June 30, to fill the vacancy on the ballot.
Below is Martin’s exact responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper. Zabel did not participate in the profile request.
Name: Joseph E. Martin
Address: Georgetown
Contact information for voters: 812-366-3433; e-mail [email protected]
Family: Married to Alice Randol Martin; two children, Christopher and Savannah
Education/Occupation/Political experience: Business degree from Indiana University Southeast; full-time farmer and hay broker for more than 30 years; Jackson Township trustee since 1982 and township assessor from 1982 to 2008.
Why are you seeking the office? (in 100 words or less): I consider it an honor to serve and want to continue the programs in place, including working closely with the Ramsey Volunteer Fire Dept., providing park and pool passes free of charge, providing house number signs at no charge and considering other uses for riverboat fund which will enhance safety and quality of life. Furthermore, I believe I am the only trustee in the county to require able-bodied recipients of township assistance to perform community service hours.
What do you see as the main role of the township trustee? How would you accomplish that role? (in 200 words or less): The role of the trustee is to be the level of government closest to the people. The grassroots of government is a good description. By statute, the trustee is the keeper of township records, the provider of fire protection, the maintainer of township cemeteries, the adjudicator of line fence disputes, the eradicator of noxious weeds and the overseer of the poor. In every instance of performing the duties of trustee, I always strive to be respectful and fair to all parties concerned and especially to the taxpayer. I will not promise to make everyone happy, but I will promise to do what is right.