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New fire station for HTVFD

New fire station for HTVFD
New fire station for HTVFD
Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept.'s new, three-bay firehouse, which contains a tanker, a pumper and a brush truck, opened recently at the intersection of S.R. 135 and Fairview Church Road south of Corydon. Photo by Alan Stewart (click for larger version)

With the installation of a flagpole and a parking area left to complete, the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept. has officially opened a satellite station at the intersection of S.R. 135 and Fairview Church Road south of Corydon.
The three-bay station, which measures 48 feet by 60 feet, and the eight acres of land, which cost slightly more than $200,000, was paid for through township funds.
‘First and foremost, it was built to give people in the township a break on their insurance,’ Harrison Township Trustee Cecil Trobaugh said. ‘You have to be within five miles of a station to get that kind of a break, and this covers a pretty good portion down that way. People need to go to their insurance companies if they are in that general area and notify them that the station is open and operational. Insurance won’t do it automatically.’
Three trucks ‘ a tanker, a pumper and a brush truck ‘ are being kept at the firehouse, which is part of the volunteer department and is supported out of the main firehouse near downtown Corydon.
Harrison Township Chief Jon Saulman reiterated the beneficial aspect for insurance and added that response times in the southern part of the department’s district should be shortened.
‘Some of the longer responses in the southwest part of our district we really relied on mutual aid from Heth Township,’ Saulman said. ‘It’s going to be a big plus to having equipment ready to get out there to service that area.’
The driveway for the firehouse leads directly onto Fairview Church Road. Trobaugh said this was because, had the entrance been on S.R. 135, a state requirement would have mandated that the department pave an extra acceleration and deceleration lane of 150 feet, which would have cost a substantial amount of money.
The land was purchased last year, and the firehouse was constructed using as much local workers and merchandise as possible. The tan-and-brown building is double metal and double insulated. Eventually, a parking area will be located west of the structure.
‘Primavera helped us out, and the material was purchased at Longbottom Hardsaw. We did as much locally as we could,’ Trobaugh said.
Trobaugh said the next big move for the department, but one that may not happen for some time, will be to move to full-time firefighters. He said such a move would be a ‘big budget increase’ but it would also lower insurance rates even more.
Saulman said another idea being kicked around in the long-term goals for the site include a training facility.
‘That’s still a long ways off and is just an idea at this point,’ he said. ‘The good thing is that there’s room to grow if we need it.’
With the opening of the new station, Harrison Township is actively searching for people who would be interested in joining the department to help staff the station and volunteer for HTVFD. For more information, call Saulman at 812-267-1151 or assistant chiefs Jeremy McKim at 812-734-5926 or William Bockting at 812-596-4097.