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Election board talks sign clutter, polling places

The Harrison County Election board discussed getting rid of the clutter of campaign signs at voting locations on 2014 election days, and beyond, last Wednesday morning during its meeting at the county clerk’s office.
‘At that point, people are tired of seeing signs,’ Harrison County Clerk Sally Whitis said.
One of the new voting locations this year, New Life Christian Church east of Lanesville, said it will not allow the signs to be on its property.
Whitis said Democrat party chair Alva (Jim) Kincaid has agreed to the no-sign idea, while Republican chair Scott Fluhr has not.
The board hopes the sign placing will stop just like years ago when the two chairmen got together to stop candidates from handing out items at voting sites.
‘That polices itself now,’ board member Larry Shickles said.
If anyone tries to hand out things now, Shickles said, voters will put a stop to it.
The board reduced the number of polling locations and centralized the sites, pending approval by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners, for 2014.
‘We’re condensing a lot down,’ Shickles said. ‘It should reduce a lot of work.’
All Franklin Township precincts ‘ central, north, south and west ‘ will be at New Life Christian Church instead of the former locations of the Lanesville Jaycee Building and the Lanesville Heritage Community Center.
North Harrison precinct will move from the main Government Center building to the Health and Education Building to relieve congestion in the main building. South Harrison precinct will stay in the Government Center but move from the commissioners’ conference room (first floor) to the State Board of Accounts office (second floor).
Election board representatives or poll workers will direct voters of any changes in the Government Center voting.
East and West Heth precincts will vote at Heth-Washington Elementary School instead of the Central firehouse (East Heth) and Mauckport Town Hall (West Heth).
All Jackson Township precincts ‘ north, northeast, northwest and southwest ‘ except southeast will now vote at the North Harrison High School campus. Southeast Jackson voters will still go to the Community Center in Crandall.
All Morgan Township precincts ‘ northeast, northwest, south and southwest ‘ will vote at Morgan Elementary School.
And finally, Taylor precinct will move from South Central Junior-Senior High School to the South Harrison Community Development Corp. Center in Elizabeth.
Again, all changes are pending commissioners’ approval. The board was expected to hear the request at its meeting last night (Tuesday). Also, residents will receive a mailing notifying them of a voting location change.
Election board members ‘ Whitis, Shickles and Edith Richards ‘ plan to visit each of the new locations next week to provide a layout for election day.
Shickles said he didn’t think there would be a very big voter turnout for the Primary in the county, with the exception of Spencer Township for the township trustee election.
Deputy Clerk Sherry Brown said she plans to order 100 percent of the possible ballots for north and south Spencer precincts.
As for the General Election, Shickles said he didn’t expect the turnout to be great unless the same-sex marriage issue is on the ballot. ‘Then it would be huge,’ he said of the turnout.
The board moved to fine Commissioner Jim Klinstiver $275 (minimum figure) for two years of delinquent annual report filing. Others who still owe the board include Greg Gibson, Isaac Williams, Scott Hussung and Melissa McKim.
Candidates who have filed to run for office as of press time yesterday (Tuesday) are: Republican Joseph L. (Joe) Claypool, superior court judge; Republican incumbent J. Otto Schalk, prosecutor; Republican incumbent Karen S. Engleman, auditor; Democrat Leisa J. Emily and Republican Debra S. Dones, treasurer; Republican incumbent Rodney (Rod) Seelye and Democrat Carl Attwood III, sheriff; Democrat incumbent Lorena A. (Rena) Stepro, assessor; Republican incumbent Klinstiver and Democrat Terry L. Miller, District 3 commissioner; Republican incumbent Phil Smith, District 1 council; Republican incumbent Gary Davis and Democrat Donald J. (Donnie) Hussung, District 2 council; Republican incumbent Ralph E. Sherman, District 4 council; Republican incumbent Jessica Terry, Boone Township Advisory Board; Democrat incumbent John (Bill) Lyskowinski, Franklin Township trustee; Democrat incumbents Charles D. (Charlie) Sell, Dale E. (Chip) White and Harold Scott, Franklin Township Advisory Board; Democrat Carl E. Duley, Harrison Township Advisory Board; Republican incumbent Teresa Eschbacher, Heth Township trustee; Democrat incumbent Betty Jenkins, Heth Township Advisory Board; Democrat incumbent Joseph E. Martin, Jackson Township trustee; Democrat incumbent Fred A. Uhl, Morgan Township trustee; Democrat Michael Book, Morgan Township Advisory Board; Democrat incumbent Steven E. Smith, Posey Township trustee; Democrat incumbent Chris Cunningham, Posey Township Advisory Board; Republican Bruce Hawkins and Democrats Kyle Byrne and Aaron Scott, Spencer Township trustee; Democrat incumbent Wayne Gettelfinger, Taylor Township trustee; Republican Isaac Brown, Webster Township Trustee; and Republican incumbent Joey Rosbottom, Webster Township Advisory Board.