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Second stormwater project in works

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District does more than just build sanitary sewer systems.
At the district board’s regular meeting last Wednesday, it discussed the second of two stormwater demonstration projects. One, an oil-water separator for the parking lot at Lanesville Community schools, is complete, and a second project, a rain garden at the South Central school campus, is still in the design stages.
‘I want people to know that we do more than just build sanitary sewers,’ Bill Byrd, Miltown representative to the board, said.
Rob Huckaby, board consultant with Stantec, is leading the charge on the second stormwater project and said he’s trying to make sure the cost stays below the budgeted amount ($89,500 for both projects).
‘We’ll try to get it (rain garden) done with donations,’ he said.
The rain garden, a planted depression or a hole that allows rainwater runoff to be absorbed, will be about 20-by-30 feet in size, he said.
‘It will be highly visible,’ he said. ‘The education side I know is what the board has always wanted to do.’
The board also continues to build sewers, with the New Salisbury project nearing completion and the Lanesville interchange area project underway in the design and easement-gathering stages.
The HCRSD was created by the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management in 2005 and is an independent entity with no taxing power. It is the only district in Indiana that combines a mission of wastewater and stormwater improvements.
The wastewater mission of the district is to reduce pollution, promote public health and safety and support residential, commercial and industrial development in Harrison County by providing for the collection, treatment and safe disposal of wastewater. The HCRSD may construct and operate sanitary sewer systems or contract with other entities as needed to reduce failing or inadequate systems.
The stormwater mission is to reduce the threat of pollution, erosion and flooding by establishing requirements, standards and regulations for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater run-off entering Harrison County’s watersheds. The HCRSD may construct drainage improvement facilities as needed. Specific plans will be developed for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater run-off on an individual watershed basis.
The next HCRSD meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.