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CyberTek hired back by county

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners approved a bid earlier this month for IT services from CyberTek, a company the county formerly employed, before the county council’s regularly-scheduled meeting.
CyberTek was fired from the county in the summer of 2012 by the previous board of commissioners.
The new board bid the services after current provider Fivestar resigned and did not bid. Fivestar representatives said they would stay on to help the transition run smoothly.
Only CyberTek and Helix Technologies placed bids, with CyberTek coming in significantly cheaper at $117,000 to Helix’s $228,000 for a one-year contract.
CyberTek began working with the county immediately after a 2-0 vote (Commissioner Jim Klinstiver was absent).
‘We’re not sure what the problem was, but we never had problems with them,’ Auditor Karen Engleman said of her staff and others in the Government Center about CyberTek.
The company worked for the county for about five years.
The previous commissioners said CyberTek took the county on a roller-coaster ride of bills and that CyberTek had issues with the county maintenance department.
In April 2012, former maintenance employee Doug Harkness addressed the board and said CyberTek was very deficient in what it provides and called for CyberTek to be removed and said the county should hire IT officials. Harkness was later fired before the county dropped CyberTek.
The new contract with CyberTek does not include overtime funding or after-hours service.
‘It’s pretty much an all-in scenario,’ David Neel, company founder, said.
Commissioner George Ethridge said CyberTek will provide a one-stop shop for the county’s technical services.
When Ethridge asked Neel if he thought he’d have things under control within the first four months of service, Neel said yes, but it would take three employees for the first 30 to 60 days. Eventually, the ideal personnel will be one to 1-1/2 people per week, Neel said.
‘Getting back to that would be optimal,’ he said. ‘We had it running and didn’t have many issues. The staff trusts their machines are going to work when they come in the office.’
The commissioners’ next meeting will be Monday, Jan. 6, at 8:30 a.m. at the Government Center in south Corydon.