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Runners tackle sectional, NH teams move on

Runners tackle sectional, NH teams move on
Runners tackle sectional, NH teams move on
Corydon Central senior Brianna Norris finishes 15th in last Tuesday's Crawford County cross country sectional to secure a regional spot. Photo by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders and North Harrison Cougars earned cross country sectional championships last Tuesday afternoon, winning the first of the state tournament meets at Crawford County Junior-Senior High School. The Lady Highlanders dominated with six runners in the top eight, while North Harrison squeaked past Floyd Central by just four points.
The boys ran first with rain in the area and dark clouds moving in. Parts of the Crawford County course slickened due to the wet conditions but that didn’t slow down Borden’s Julien Magallanes, who finished first in a time of 16 minutes, 15 seconds. North Harrison’s Daniel Fleace finished second, 20 seconds behind, with Crawford County’s Cody Carlton finishing third in 16:51.
Fleace was disappointed with his time, having run under 16 minutes earlier in the year.
‘I tried to come back on him,’ Fleace said of chasing Magallanes. ‘I just didn’t have it today. The course was good. They did a good job fixing it all up. It was nice. There’s no complaints on that. I felt like I could have run faster. The plan was to come back harder. It wasn’t there today. I’ve just got to train hard.’
‘We didn’t run great today,’ North Harrison coach Tim Martin said. ‘It was a close one. We’re just having issues with injuries. Our No. 2, Curtis (Wetzel), kind of tweaked his foot about two weeks ago and has never come back fully. Today, I think it being just wet out there on the course, just one step might have re-pulled something in there.’
Crawford County’s Carlton was just hoping to make the top 10. The Wolfpack senior said he surprised himself with his third-place finish.
‘I wasn’t even expecting to finish third,’ Carlton said. ‘I just got in a groove in the middle of the race and took off with a Floyd Central kid.’
Carlton said the course conditions had worsened some since the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference meet the week before, where he finished second.
‘(At conference), it wasn’t rainy,’ he said. ‘It was slick at conference but not this slick. I think the worst part was at the start up here. A kid fell down right in front of me and slid all the way down the hill. I had to hurdle him.’
Floyd Central boys’ coach Tim Korte said the second-place finish was disappointing but that his team would try to make up for it at the regional. Floyd Central junior Alec Heitz was No. 1 for the Highlanders, finishing fourth in 17:00, and Chad Lawrence cracked the top 10, finishing ninth in 17:30.
‘I thought we had a good shot of winning it,’ Korte said. ‘We just had to go out and everybody had to run their race, which we didn’t, so there’s where the four-point loss comes in. I thought we’d make up ground on our four and five on most teams. But other teams ran well. We’ll come back Saturday and give it another go.’
The girls’ race was expected to be close between North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler and Floyd Central’s Lydia Kotowski. The pair stayed together through the first circuit of the Crawford County course, but halfway through the second lap Kotowski was bothered by a recurring hip injury and medical condition with her vocal cords. She fell back to the third behind teammate Kassidy Manning. Bosler went on to win in a time of 19 minutes, 25 seconds, with Manning second in 19:56. Kotowski held on to the third spot in 20:14.
‘Coming in, you pretty well know who’s going to be the second best,’ Bosler said. ‘I knew that (Manning) had been gaining on Lydia, or it appeared to. I wasn’t shocked to hear about her there.’
‘The mud doesn’t affect me,’ Bosler said. ‘I’m not a city slicker, so it doesn’t bother me … The temperature and rain is fine. Everybody has to deal with it; it’s not just me. So, it’s all good.’
Manning said she tried to avoid the mud when she could.
‘I don’t like it,’ she admitted. ‘I try to go around it the best I can. I just ran and didn’t think about how anybody else was doing. It just worked out for me.’
Kotowski said she knew she was going to have problems from the start but tried to stay with Bosler as best she could.
‘I could feel the hip thing pretty close to the start and then about a mile and a half or two miles with the vocal cords,’ Kotowski said. ‘It’s happened before in workouts and practices, so I’ll just treat this as a workout. It’s always good to know that the team’s there and we help each other through everything.’
Floyd Central girls’ coach Brian Emerson said consistency has been a key factor for his team.
‘We’ve been incredibly consistent all year long, and that’s been the greatest thing about this team,’ Emerson said. ‘We know what to expect every time we toe the line. We knew if we came out and did our job again today, it would be something similar.’
‘We know our biggest strength, as good as our front runners are, our biggest strength is in our three, four, five, six and seven,’ he said. ‘That’s what we’ve really focused on. That’s what’s going to get us where we want to go.’
Crawford County’s Yasmine Yennes cracked the top 10 with a ninth-place finish. The Lady Pack junior finished the 5K in 21:35. The Crawford County girls; team missed a regional spot by just two points, finishing sixth behind Providence.
‘I knew I had to keep my distance from Providence’s No. 1 runner (Alexandra Lowery),’ Yennes said. ‘They’re the team we were kind of fighting for the last spot for regional. I was trying to gap her as much as possible and make sure I finished a lot higher than her to give my team the advantage.’
Corydon Central senior Brianna Norris may have been wearing one of the biggest smiles of the day. Norris was No. 1 for the Lady Panthers, finishing 15th in a time of 22 minutes, 9 seconds.
Norris said she was nervous at the start but confident, knowing this could be her final race of the season. The senior said she thought about past races during her run. The Lady Panthers didn’t have a full team, but they put three of their four runners in the regional. Besides Norris, Melissa Mayfield qualified at 28th and Kelcie Byrd grabbed a berth from the 36th spot.
‘I’ve ran this course since fourth grade: sectional, regional, freshman, sophomore year. This is my course to do really well on,’ Norris said. ‘I was running and those quiet parts where nobody’s cheering for you and all you can hear are the runners’ feet. I was just looking through all of my different coaches I’ve had since running from fourth grade. I could hear all of them, if he was right there what would he say. He would say, ‘Drop your arms,’ or she would say, ‘You’re doing great.’ I just had this big sentimental moment, this could be it for me.’

Girls team scores (top 5 to regional) ‘ 1. Floyd Central 23, 2. New Albany 60, 3. North Harrison 74, 4. Jeffersonville 152, 5. Providence 154, 6. Crawford County 156, 7. Borden 177, 8. Lanesville 188, 9. South Central 225.
Girls individual results ‘ 1. Ashton Bosler (NH) 19:25, 2. Kassidy Manning (FC) 19:56, 3. Lydia Kotowski (FC) 20:14, 4. Rose Kaforski (NA) 20:32, 5. Gabrielle Rodriguez (FC) 20:39, 6. Madison Barney (FC) 20:42, 7. Morgan Paul (FC) 20:57, 8. Melanie Combs (FC) 21:11, 9. Yasmine Yennes (CC) 21:35, 10. Stevi Burns (NH) 21:40, 11. Rachel Geveden (NA) 21:47, 12. Zoe Doebbler (FC) 21:55, 13. Temple Ricke (NA) 22:06, 14. Nicole Lods (NA) 22:07, 15. Brianna Norris (Cor) 22:09.
Qualifying individual girls on non-qualifying teams ‘ 9. Yasmine Yennes (CrCo), 15. Brianna Norris (Corydon Central) 22:09, 18. Sandra Wagner (SoCent) 22;28, 21. Bailey Kaake (Lnsvl) 22:46, 24. Brooklyn Agnew (Bor) 23:10, 25. Abby Ellis (Bor) 23:12, 28. Melissa Mayfield (Cor) 23:44, 32. Rachel Schwartz (CC) 23:56, 34. Katherine Windstead (Lnsvl) 24:04, 36. Kelcie Byrd (Cor) 24:15.
Boys team scores (top 5 to regional) ‘ 1. North Harrison 54, 2. Floyd Central 58, 3. Borden 78, 4. Providence 111, 5. Crawford County 137, 6. New Albany 158, 7. Corydon Central 159, 8. Lanesville 191, 9. South Central 241, 10. Jeffersonville 246.
Boys individual results ‘ 1. Julien Magallanes (Bor) 16:15, 2. Daniel Fleace (NH) 16:35, 3. Cody Carlton (CC) 16:51, 4. Alec Heitz (FC) 17:00, 5. Michael White (NH) 17:17, 6. George Tipker (Bor) 17:26, 7. Gavin Tipker (Bor) 17:27, 8. David Betz (Prov) 17:29, 9. Chad Lawrence (FC)17:30, 10. Luke Uhl (FC) 27:31, 11. Collier Smith (NH) 17:37, 12. Dalton Terry (SoCent) 17:42, 13. Curtis Wetzel (NH) 17:44, 14. Lincoln Ottersbach (Prov)17:44, 15. Grant Vellinger (FC) 17:45.
Qualifying individual boys on non-qualifying teams ‘ 12. Dalton Terry (SoCent) 17:42, 16. Timothy Baumgart (NA) 17:57, 19. Jake Pitts (Cor) 18:07, 20. Christian Puckett (CAI) 18:09, 22. Mark Sronce (Lnsvl) 18:12, 27. Payton Martin (NA) 18:32, 28. David Blank (Lnsvl) 18:32, 30. Dylan Bachman (Cor) 18:40, 32. Thibault Gillis (Jeff) 18:44, 33. Bradley Sanders (NA) 18:55.