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Business offers monitoring solutions

Business offers monitoring solutions
Business offers monitoring solutions
Misty Goldman, owner of Custom Monitoring Solutions, looks at some of the products her business offers, including ankle-monitoring systems and ignition interlock devices. Submitted photo (click for larger version)

Recognizing a need in the area, Misty Goldman did plenty of homework and legwork before starting her business, Custom Monitoring Solutions.
Working with area prosecutors and judges, CMS offers automobile ignition interlock systems, alcohol monitoring systems, home incarceration programs, drug testing and electronic monitoring.
‘Harrison County seemed to be one of the only areas that had no type of home incarceration program offered to offenders in lieu of jail time,’ she said. ‘Typically, probation doesn’t have the time, nor the manpower, to do these types of programs.’
Goldman did about a year of research and spoke with a lot of companies, judges and people in various prosecutor’s offices before deciding to start CMS.
CMS leases ankle-monitoring systems from Behavior Interventions Inc. Because she holds top secret security clearance (she used to do health work for the CDC), she was able to speak with the owner of BI in Colorado and work personally to secure the company’s services.
Using GPS technology, Goldman is able to track an offender’s whereabouts in real time. The technology is so advanced she can even view the speed of the car in which they are driving.
‘If I need to look for an individual right this second, or if a prosecutor wanted to go ahead and check on an individual, we can pull it up and tell exactly where they are at this address right now,’ Goldman said.
The use of ankle monitors costs offenders $14 a day, she said.
‘Being the highest level an individual can get, my security clearance opened many doors,’ Goldman said. ‘Holding the clearance and having the job history I had let Behavior Interventions know that I was very serious.’
In additional to a traditional ankle-monitoring system, CMS also offers the transdermal alcohol detector (TAD).
The TAD measures ingested alcohol through a sensor that rests firmly on the client’s skin. The device measures the offender’s alcohol use through vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin.
The TAD is usually utilized for those individuals who, through a directive from the court, are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
‘When they drink, I receive an alert no matter what time of day and am notified that they are in violation,’ Goldman said.
Smart Start’s ignition interlock system is another service offered by CMS. Actually, the interlock system ‘ a product that uses a breath-alcohol analyzer to keep drivers with past DWIs/DUIs from operating vehicles if their breath-alcohol level is over a pre-set mark ‘ is the first service CMS offered. The small, electronic devices are a cost-effective alternative to jail or license suspension and allow offenders to keep driving.
‘Living in a small community and hearing many types of stories, people lose their license and, once they lose it, it’s gone and they can’t, or aren’t supposed to, drive without it. This way, life can continue and they can continue to work,’ Goldman said. ‘Sometimes people just make a mistake.’
The device captures a photo of the breath-test subject (so someone else can’t blow into the device) at the time the subject is taking the test. The unit stores the photo electronically and it date and time stamps the photo.
After an offender completes an agreement referral form, they have 48 hours to contact CMS, which then schedules the interlock to be installed, usually in two to three days.
The cost of the interlock system is $131 and is paid for by the offender.
CMS also offers drug screenings for $35.
Currently, Custom Monitoring Solutions is located in Marengo. Goldman said she’s looking to move to an office in Harrison County since that’s where most of her clients are located.
‘I think we’re getting the word out there and letting people know it’s available,’ Goldman said. ‘People are used to going to Floyd or Clark County for these types of services. Ultimately, the prosecutor and judge have the final say in whether or not these are options. Any attorney can request it, but it’ll be the prosecutor’s and judge’s decision based on what the person’s record is.’