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Bands prepare for week 5 of season

Bands prepare for week 5 of season
Bands prepare for week 5 of season
Erin Erwin, a guard member for the Crawford County Marching Wolfpack, performs in front of drumline members Lauren Cantner (partially hidden), John East, Austin Rose and Julie Lundgren while guard member Jacob Beckman is behind the drumline. Photos by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor (click for larger version)

The North Harrison Marching Cougars and the Crawford County Marching Wolfpack walked away with first place, as well as all caption awards, in their respective classes at Saturday’s First Capital Marching Festival hosted by the Corydon Central Vanguard.
‘I think that we had a pretty successful Saturday,’ John Fischer, director of the Marching Wolfpack said. ‘The Corydon performance was a bit shaky at times, but the kids held it together and pushed to the end. It was nice for the kids to walk away with some awards, as they have been really working hard the whole season.’
The caption awards were Best Visual, Best Music and Best General Effect. The Marching Wolfpack’s show is titled ‘Swan Lake,’ while the Marching Cougars’ is ‘Oriental Impressions.’
‘We are excited about our progress,’ Adam Miller, director of the Marching Cougars, said. ‘The staff and students know we have a lot to work on in the next few weeks in preparation for ISSMA regional. The nice thing is that we are already four to five points ahead of where we were at this time last year.
‘That fact, coupled with the knowledge that we have so much to add to the show means we have tons of potential,’ he said. ‘Now, our goal is to push through each rehearsal and each competition to reach that potential.’
Both bands, along with the Vanguard, traveled to Floyd Central High School for an evening competition there.
‘At Floyd Central, the band had a very energetic performance, with some excellent crowd appeal,’ Fischer said. ‘Although there are plenty of places that were rough and we will need to continue to work on, I was extremely pleased with the amount of energy the kids brought to the table that evening.
‘This week, we are going to continue to make some small tweaks in the visual program, mainly focusing on closing down any existing holes throughout the entire show,’ he said. ‘The drill was written for 36 horns, then was fit for 34, and we are officially at 32 right now. We will also be working on getting the kids to understand all of their responsibilities musically on a higher level.’
Jason Novak, first-year director of the Vanguard, said his group, which is performing ‘Mechanize,’ gave its best performance of the season at Floyd Central.
‘It’s fun to watch the group become more comfortable and confident with each performance,’ he said. ‘We plan to work on the ending of our show this week. The drill was completed two weeks ago; we will work to become more comfortable with the performance. In addition, we plan to add more visual effects for the upcoming weekend performance at Salem at 7:30 p.m.
As of press time yesterday (Tuesday), Salem’s line-up was not available; however, it is an evening competition.
The Marching Cougars will give a community performance Saturday at 4 p.m. before traveling to Salem. They are scheduled to take the field at 9 p.m.
For those at the First Capital Marching Festival who thought they might be seeing people and hearing music that sounded familiar, that’s because Jim Jones, who was the North Harrison director the past three years, brought his band from Bedford North Lawrence to compete; their opening number was the same music that the Marching Cougars had previously used.
Here are the complete results from the First Capital Marching Festival:
Class A ‘ Eastern (Pekin), first and Best Music, Best Visual and Best General Effect
Class AA ‘ Crawford County, first, and Best Music, Best Visual and Best General Effect; Southwestern, second; Charlestown, third; Madison Consolidated, fourth
Class AAA ‘ North Harrison, first and Best Music, Best Visual and Best General Effect; Bedford North Lawrence, second and People’s Choice
The results from the Floyd Central Invitational were:
Class A ‘ Salem, first and Best Auxiliary and Best Percussion; Corydon Central, second and Best Drum Major; Charlestown, third
Class AA ‘ Henryville, first and Best Auxiliary and Best Drum Major; Eastern (Pekin), second; Southwestern, third; Madison Consolidated, fourth and Best Percussion
Class AAA ‘ Paoli, first and Best Percussion; North Harrison, second and Best Auxiliary and Best Drum Major; Crawford County, third
Class AAAA ‘ Columbus North, first and Best Auxiliary, Best Percussion and Best Drum Major; Meade County, second; Bloomington South, third
Sweepstakes Award ‘ Columbus North
Fan Favorite ‘ Bloomington South