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Band directors pleased with first outings

The marching band directors from Corydon Central, Crawford County and North Harrison are pleased, for the most part, with their group’s efforts at Saturday’s contests.
‘I feel that, while both shows had some good and bad things, our performance at Paoli was much better than at North Harrison,’ John Fischer, director of the Crawford County Marching Wolfpack, said. ‘At NH, we had a few very large tears in the music. At Paoli, we still had a few in the music, but not nearly as bad. I thought our colorguard had two great shows, with Paoli being the best of the day for them. Competitively, we are right where we hoped we would be.’
Assisting with the show, titled ‘Swan Lake,’ are Jaime Fischer (assistant director/guard director), Michael Sharp and Matthew McClimon (percussion) and Kim Sommer (hornline).
Adam Miller, the first-year director of the North Harrison Marching Cougars, said his group performed well.
‘After hosting an invitational in the morning, it is always hard to switch gears and compete at Paoli,’ he said. ‘The students handled this very well and were able to have their best show of the year.’
Miller and his staff, Alex Keim (assistant director), Blair Winslow, Brandon Wheatley, Emily Pease, Charles Combs, Darrel Williamson and Michael Harbeson, are excited about the potential of the show, ‘Oriental Impressions.’
‘As we continue to add more visual and music components, the show will really start to come together,’ Miller said. ‘The staff and students are proud of where we are and how far we have the potential to go.
‘Personally, this is my favorite time of the year,’ he said. ‘On these beautiful fall Saturdays, I get to see students, their parents and our staff participate in something bigger than themselves. They grow musically and as people over the course of a season. It makes all the hard work worthwhile when we get to stand back and see what amazing students, parents, staff and community we have here. I can’t wait for the next week and to keep our momentum moving forward.’
The Corydon Central Vanguard’s new director, Jason Novak, also was pleased.
‘I am very happy for our students as I think that this past weekend represents a huge step in the right direction for our program,’ he said.
The Vanguard’s field commander, junior Josh Peterson, won the Outstanding Drum Major award during the evening contest at Paoli.
‘Josh works very hard and certainly earned that award,’ Novak said.
The results from the North Harrison Invitational are:
Class A ‘ Salem, first and all caption awards; Corydon Central, second; New Washington, third.
Class AA ‘ Henryville, first and all caption awards (tied for Best Visual); Crawford County, second and tied for Best Visual); Silver Creek, third.
Class AAAA ‘ Floyd Central, first and all caption awards; Paoli, second; Bloomington South, third.
People’s Choice ‘ Bloomington South.
Best Pit Crew ‘ Silver Creek.
Grand Champion ‘ Floyd Central.
The results from the Pride of Paoli Invitational are:
Class A ‘ Salem, first, Best Music, Best General Effect and Best Percussion; Perry Central, second and Best Auxiliary; Corydon Central, third and Best Drum Major; West Washington, fourth; Charlestown, fifth; New Washington, sixth; Northeast Dubois, seventh.
Class AA ‘ Henryville, first, Best Music, Best Visual, Best General Effect, Best Auxiliary and Best Drum Major; Eastern (Pekin), second; Owen Valley, third and Best Percussion; Southwestern, fourth; Tell City, fifth.
People’s Choice for classes A and AA ‘ Tell City.
Class AAA ‘ Springs Valley, first and all caption awards; North Harrison, second; Orleans, third; Crawford County, fourth; Madison Consolidated, fifth.
Class AAAA ‘ Floyd Central, first, Best Visual and Best Auxiliary; Jasper, second, Best Music, Best Percussion and Best Drum Major; Edgewood, third; Bloomington South, fourth.
People’s Choice for classes AAA and AAAA ‘ Bloomington South.
Best Pit Crew ‘ North Harrison.
Grand Champion ‘ Floyd Central.
On Saturday, many of the same bands will compete at the First Capital Marching Festival in Corydon, which begins at 11 a.m. (admission is $5) then the Floyd Central Invitational, which starts at 5:30 p.m.
The line-up at Corydon Central is:
Class A ‘ Eastern (Pekin), 11 a.m.
Class AA ‘ Madison Consolidated, 11:15 a.m.; Charlestown, 11:30 a.m.; Southwestern, 11:45 a.m.; Crawford County, noon.
Class AAA ‘ North Harrison, 12:15 p.m.
The Vanguard will perform in exhibition at 12:30 p.m. followed by the awards presentation.
The schedule at Floyd Central is:
Class A ‘ Corydon Central, 5:30 p.m.; Charlestown, 5:43 p.m.; Salem, 5:56 p.m.
Class AA ‘ Eastern (Pekin), 6:09 p.m.; Southwestern, 6:22 p.m.; Henryville, 6:35 p.m.
Class AAA ‘ Crawford County, 7:45 p.m.; North Harrison, 7:58 p.m.; Paoli, 8:11 p.m.
Class AAAA ‘ Bloomington South, 8:24 p.m.; Meade County, 8:37 p.m.; Columbus North, 8:50 p.m.
The Marching Highlanders will perform in exhibition at 9:03 p.m. followed by the awards.