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Crawford, NH struggle in match

Crawford, NH struggle in match
Crawford, NH struggle in match
North Harrison No. 1 golfer Jalisa Jones putts from the fringe on the fifth hole of the New Salisbury course as Silver Creek's Charlotte Seaton watches. Seaton medaled with a low round of 43, while Jones finished with a 53. Photo by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

Conditions were perfect for a four-way golf match last Tuesday at the New Salisbury Golf Course, but perfection was lacking in a big way on the course, as golfers from North Harrison, Crawford County, Silver Creek and Borden struggled through nine holes. Silver Creek came out on top with Borden second, Crawford County third and North Harrison fourth.
‘The conditions are just about perfect, really, and it’s such a break from all the heat,’ Silver Creek coach Joe Ledbetter said. ‘I think our girls struggled a little bit with the unusual layout from what we’re used to. There was a lot of little blind shots, uphill, downhill, things that we just didn’t handle very well.’
Even the No. 1 players from all four schools struggled throughout the match. North Harrison’s Jalisa Jones found a sand trap on her second shot on No. 1, while, on No. 2, Silver Creek’s Charlotte Seaton put her tee shot up against a fence. Crawford County’s No. 1, Shelbi Cook, put her tee shot in the trees on hole three as did Borden’s No. 1, Tina Frank.
‘I don’t know if we were all just off today or this course was kind of hard,’ Cook said. ‘Some of the shots you can’t see much of the holes, so I guess we’re just all off our game today.’
A car pulling into a driveway next to the third hole was enough of a distraction for Cook to send her tee shot flying into a large silver maple.
‘I hit it and I didn’t get to see where it went,’ Cook said. ‘But it did happen to not go out of bounds. I got a lucky shot there, but, after that, it went kind of downhill for a little bit.’
‘I thought I could have done a lot better, and I thought our team could have, too,’ Seaton said. ‘I felt like chipping was a struggle for me today. That’s something I need to work on.’
Seaton medaled for the match with a low round of 43 on the day. Emily Christman had a 49 for the Lady Dragons, while Lily Smith and Liv Schmidt finished with 51 each, for a total of 194. Ledbetter said his team was about 30 shots over what Silver Creek has been putting on the board.
‘We’re not particularly happy with that,’ he said. ‘We’re scratching on the door of being in the 160s, and that’s our goal every time we tee it up. We know what we need to try to score to have a chance to win the conference, and it’s going to have to be a lot better than a 194 times two.’
Seaton said the second and fifth holes were the toughest.
‘I thought both of those were difficult for me, because my tee shots weren’t too great,’ she said. ‘Then, my second shots weren’t that good either. … I thought No. 9 was a pretty good hole. My second shot wasn’t that good, but I ended up chipping it and two-putting for a bogey, which was pretty good, I thought.’
‘You’ve got to stay on your fundamentals, but the short game comes and goes, it seems,’ Ledbetter said. ‘Unfortunately, once the girls’ season starts, it’s so compressed that you don’t get a whole lot of practice days. The days that you do get you’ve got to concentrate on your short game probably more than anything.’
Fink led Borden with 48, with the Lady Braves finishing with 207. Sarah Potter finished with 51, while MacKenzie Smith and Lexi March had 52 and 56, respectively.
Cook led Crawford County (231) with 52, while Tiffany King finished with a personal best, 55. Stephanie Johnson had 61 for the Lady Pack, and Jescee Shelton had 63.
North Harrison’s Jones led the Lady Cats (231) with 53, and Payton Biddle followed with 55. Brittany McCarty had 57, and Brianna Stickler finished with 66 for North Harrison.
Cook said she would put the match behind her and go on to the next one.
‘I’ll just try to forget about what I just did and focus on what I really need to do,’ the Crawford County junior said, ‘take a couple of practice swings and look at the hole and then completely forget about everything I just did, just try to get back to how I was playing and forget everything and start fresh.’
Silver Creek 194 (Charlotte Seaton 43, Emily Christian 49, Lily Smith 51, Liv Schmidt 51); Borden 207 (Tina Fink 48, Sarah Potter 51, MacKenzie Smith 52, Lexi March 56); Crawford County 231 (Shelbi Cook 52, Tiffany King 55, Stephanie Johnson 61, Jescee Shelton 63); North Harrison 231 (Jalisa Jones 53, Payton Biddle 55, Brittany McCarty 57, Rachel Biddle 66, Brianna Stickler 66).