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Runaway juveniles charged with theft

Two juveniles from Louisville are being held at the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center after allegedly breaking into a home and stealing items last week.
According to Chief Wayne Kessinger of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., the juveniles, ages 15 and 16, had been in foster care in Louisville and ‘were fed up with the way life was going.’
The teens fled from where they were being kept and, at some point, stole a small boat in Kentucky and entered the Ohio River, perhaps near Kosmosdale or West Point. The boys crossed the river and landed on the Indiana side without a paddle where they resorted to eating field corn and soybeans and drinking water from the Ohio River, Kessinger said.
Last Tuesday morning, they allegedly broke into a house and stole shoes, keys to a car, some clothing and cell phones.
After their boat floated away ‘ ending up back on the Kentucky side of the river ‘ the boys returned to the home the following day, only to find that occupants of the home had not left the residence. One of the teens was held inside while the other hid in a neighboring soybean field and was eventually captured.
‘In some ways, the story is pretty interesting and sad, and it was an interesting excursion that they made,’ Kessinger said. ‘Once they started into the criminal acts, though, you have to draw a line at some point.’
Kessinger contacted Greg Reas, director of the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency, and asked if the county’s rescue boat could be used to locate and recover the boat the boys had taken and recover the stolen items. After putting the boat in the water in Brandenburg, it took about 30 minutes to locate the boat.
‘We’re very thankful to Greg and the EMA for their use of the boat,’ Kessinger said. ‘Were it not for that, we probably wouldn’t have been able to locate that boat or the evidence.’
The teens are not being identified because they are juveniles.
The Floyd County Sheriff’s Dept. and Milltown Police Dept. K9 unit also assisted in the case.