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2nd Indian Creek Trail bridge decision looms

2nd Indian Creek Trail bridge decision looms
2nd Indian Creek Trail bridge decision looms
Trailhead for the Indian Creek Trail at Hayswood Nature Reserve. (click for larger version)

The main attraction to the Indian Creek Trail portion in Hayswood Nature Reserve is the refurbished bridge that crosses Indian Creek. Officials have hinted that another former county bridge could be added to the trail when it is completed to downtown Corydon, and Monday evening the Harrison County Board of Commissioners received a cost estimate for the project.
The bridge potentially to be relocated is the old one on Valley View Road, which still stands in its original position adjacent to the newly built bridge.
The bridge would be placed on the south end of the uncompleted trail where it would again cross Indian Creek before it enters downtown Corydon (at a to-be-determined spot somewhere near the Harrison County Fairgrounds) where it would hook up with the existing trail on the north side of S.R. 62 leading to the YMCA of Harrison County.
The existing trail bridge is the old Rothrock Mill Road bridge that was refurbished and placed on the trail with the help of federal funding.
State historical groups mandated the county to maintain the Valley View bridge for 25 years because of its status as a ‘select historical bridge.’
Michael Feltz of CHA (formerly R.W. Armstrong) said the cost to relocate the bridge would be $1.2 million and the cost to refurbish it in place would be about half of that, or $637,000.
‘We’re making some assumptions with that (relocation cost) but it’s a good ballpark figure,’ Feltz said.
Feltz said the lead level from the paint was found to be toxic, causing an almost a $300,000 increase to repair it.
Feltz said he knows there’s interest in moving it, to keep it viable to the community where it will be used.
County engineer Kevin Russel said the Valley View bridge is one of only three of the old truss bridges left in the county. He said he was browsing through the 1978 bridge inspections and said there were all kinds of truss bridges then and it’s amazing that they’re all about gone.
‘We tore them all down,’ he said. ‘I think they are probably worth trying to save.’
The commissioners did not take any action on the matter.
In other business, Russel opened and awarded bids for chip seal and fog seal of roads for the following townships with cost and square yards of road included: 35,000 square yards in Blue River Township, $51,800; 35,000 square yards, Morgan Township, $51,800; 80,000 square yards, Spencer and Jackson townships, $116,000; 80,000 square yards, Harrison Township, $116,000; 35,000 square yards, Webster Township, $51,800; 35,000 square yards, Franklin Township, $51,800; 35,000 square yards, Heth and Washington townships, $51,800; 20,000 square yards, Boone Township, $39,200; and 35,000 square yards, Taylor and Posey townships, $58,450.
All bids were awarded to the low bidder, Gohmann Asphalt and Construction.
The chip and seal will be completed on roads rated in the five-to-six range on the one-to-10 scale of road conditions.
Instead of always re-surfacing the worst roads, which had become cost prohibitive, the county highway department and engineer’s office came up with a plan that includes treating the newer roads with rejuvenators to try to save money on paving costs; the savings could be used to help repair the worst conditioned roads in the county.
Russel said the county has a couple of pilot projects underway, including a scrub seal on Heth-Washington Road and reclamite on one road in each of the three commissioner districts.
The commissioners also named a new county road, pending plan commission and E-911 dispatch approval, called Schwartz Road off of Cline Road. The road, at a length of 573 feet, was already on county property but was never added to the inventory.
The board plans to soon set up a work session/planning meeting with property owners and representatives of planning and zoning concerning the future location of proposed roadways at the Lanesville interchange.
‘I think it’s an important meeting to have sooner rather than later,’ Russel said.
A request was made by Jillene and Scott Owen to vacate a dead-end portion of Sand Hill Road in district 3.
‘She’s the only one that lives back there,’ Scott Owen said. ‘We’ve had a lot of unusual turnarounds and dumpings.’
Jillene Owen also owns both sides of the road on the portion she wants vacated.
County attorney Chris Byrd advised the Owenses on the proper path to place a petition for vacation of a roadway.
Wayne King requested work to be done on a potential wash-out spot on Pleasant Grove Road.
The commissioners’ next meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 8:30 a.m. at the Government Center in south Corydon.