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Rate hike on way for Lanesville

Lanesville Town Council President Herb Schneider informed the Harrison County Regional Sewer District board of an upcoming sewer rate hike of 26.9 percent for the residents of Lanesville.
Schneider and the town of Lanesville informed the district of the proposed increase (it has not yet been approved by the town) as part of an interlocal agreement whereby the district approves rate increases for the town, since the district will eventually bring in customers as part of the Lanesville interchange project.
Schneider said the town has not put in a place a rate increase since 1998 but just recently started running in the red on the sewer side of the budget.
‘Yeah, I about had a heart attack,’ Schneider said of his reaction when he heard, from the town’s CPA, of the needed increase. ‘It’s going to be a shock to the citizens … I hate to be the bearer of bad news.’
Schneider said the town will break it into two different increases to help ease the burden on the residents, starting possibly this fall.
Sewer district board member J.R. Eckart said the rate hike is simply because the town hasn’t had one for 15 years and the cost to provide the service has gone up.
In other business, the board visited the county council and board of commissioners Monday to discuss its 2014 budget. The district request totals $50,000, but any leftover funds from 2013 will be subtracted from the actual needed budget, district consultant Bob Woosley, Heritage Engineering, said.
The district hopes to become self-sufficient at some point. Its operating budget request from the county has been reduced from $75,000 (2008-10) to $30,000 and the projects budget from $91,400 (2008-10) to $20,000.
The sewer board’s next meeting will be Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation in Corydon.