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LES enrollment may be up

Enrollment at Lanesville Elementary School appears to be up 24 students from the end of last school year, reported LES Principal Marsha Himmelhaver at the July 16 meeting of the Lanesville Community School Corp. Board of Trustees.
Himmelhaver said there were 54 students registered for kindergarten, 50 in first grade, 46 in second grade, 47 in third grade, 46 in fourth grade, 53 in fifth grade and 58 in sixth grade. However, she added that the numbers could fluctuate as the start of school approaches.
During his principal’s report, Steve Morris noted that the start of school was exactly two weeks from the meeting (July 30), and that the school was interviewing for an English teaching position, having interviewed four applicants already with four more interviews lined up.
During his superintendent’s report, Morris said the corporation was interviewing for a school nurse after the resignation of Carol Cox, who had worked as Lanesville’s nurse for 8-1/2 years. He also noted that he would be out of town to help an organization choose Educator of the Year.
Bids were opened for diesel fuel for the 2013-14 school year. There was some discussion as to whether or not the prices offered were rack prices or included sales tax. The bids were to be evaluated and a decision made at a later date.
Several personnel changes were made at the meeting. They included the resignation of Cox and English teacher Rebecca Davis and the hiring of junior high girls’ track coach Brittney Gayhart, John Smith as volunteer assistant high school girls’ basketball coach, Quentin Combs as assistant soccer coach, Rusty Cecil as varsity softball coach and Scott Cecil as junior varsity softball coach. Also, Andrea Funk was accepted to the substitute teacher roster, and, as part of the motion, it was decided, in the future, to allow substitutes to be added to the list after a background check and not require board approval.