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Spring All-MSC awards handed out

Athletes mentioned for All-Mid-Southern Conference teams and coaches in springs sports were recently released. The following were honorees from Harrison County:
Baseball All-MSC ‘ Chase Burton (Corydon Central), Mitch Akers (Corydon Central), Aaron Arnold (Corydon Central), Tyler Cockerham (North Harrison) and Mitch Bolin (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Adam Yeager (Corydon Central), Robbie Morrow (Corydon Central) and Wyatt Faith (North Harrison); Coach of the Year ‘ Zach Sipes (Corydon Central).
Boys’ Golf All-MSC ‘ Timothy Wiseman (Corydon Central), Mitchell Frederick (Corydon Central), Ryan Crawford (Corydon Central) and Tommy Wiseman (Corydon Central), Joseph Hinton (North Harrison) and Chase Spencer (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Steve Coleman (Corydon Central); Coach of the Year ‘ Kevin Nash (Corydon Central).
Softball All-MSC ‘ Kristin Alcorn (Corydon Central), Payton Windell (Corydon Central), Kenedy House (North Harrison) and Brooke Lamon (North Harrison); honorable mention ” Kaitlan Money (Corydon Central) and Melanie Johnson (North Harrison).
Girls’ Tennis All-MSC ‘ Symphony LeJeune (Corydon Central) and Sierra Bliss (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Alison Sieg (North Harrison).
Boys’ Track and Field All-MSC ‘ Levi Taylor (Corydon Central) and Jonathan Reynolds (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Marcus Jones (Corydon Central) and Kessler Martin (Corydon Central).
Girls’ Track and Field All-MSC ‘ Olivia Lawson (Corydon Central), Sidney Capelle (Corydon Central), Kasey Kelley (North Harrison) and Ashton Bosler (North Harrison); honorable mention ‘ Shaylah Neal (North Harrison) and North Harrison 400 relay team.