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Milltown cracks down on property, animal violations

The Milltown Town Council has taken steps to enforce two of its ordinances in response to numerous complaints.
‘We have received several complaints during the past month regarding the failure of folks not taking care of their properties and allowing their pets to roam the streets and onto other residents’ properties, causing damage to items on and around their homes,’ Milltown Police Chief Ray Saylor said. ‘It is unfair to the property owners who do maintain their properties and who are responsible pet owners.’
To help address these issues, the town council gave approval last month to have a building inspector inspect properties that may be in need of demolition or serious restoration.
‘That process has been completed,’ Saylor said, ‘and the council has re-ceived those official reports.’
Additionally, letters have been mailed to property owners who have other property-related ordinance violations.
‘We want to make sure property owners understand what the issues are and address them prior to any further action becoming necessary,’ Saylor said. ‘Our goal is to work closely with the individual property owners to resolve these issues. We would rather work with the property owners to resolve these issues pro-actively rather than through enforcement ef-forts.’
Also, the violations re-garding animals running at-large will be addressed.
‘Pet owners need to understand that it’s unsafe and irresponsible to allow their pets to run the neighborhoods unsupervised and damaging other people’s property,’ Saylor said. It is also unfair to neighbors and to the pets.
‘The solution to these issues is quite simple,’ he said. ‘Take responsibility for your pets and properties and be a good neighbor to the folks around you.’