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Linked! students intern at OPC

Linked! students intern at OPC
Linked! students intern at OPC
Olivia Troutman (click for larger version)

O’Bannon Publishing Co. Inc. has welcomed its two newest members to the summer staff. Local students Riley Mills and Olivia Troutman have joined the newsroom as interns for The Corydon Democrat and the Clarion News.
Troutman is a 2013 graduate of South Central Junior-Senior High School and will attend Indiana University Southeast, where she plans to major in psychology and either double-major or minor in journalism.
‘I am really looking forward to helping out here this summer,’ she said. ‘I want to expand my writing ability and learn more about journalism.’
Troutman said she has wanted to be a writer since the fourth grade.
‘A teacher complimented me on my writing, and I was like, ‘Yay, I’m good at this’,’ she said. ‘I originally wanted to write books, but I really like newspaper writing.’
When she’s not writing, Troutman can be found hanging out with friends or volunteering at church. In high school, she was a member of the band, having played drums. She also plays the piano.
Mills will be a senior when she returns to school at Crawford County Junior-Senior High School in August. While her interests lie in the behind-the-scenes production of the newspaper, Mills, like Troutman, will write several articles during her internship.
‘I’m excited. I feel like this opportunity will provide me with a better insight on what I’d like to do with my life,’ Mills said. ‘My goal is partly just growing as a writer, and I’m really interested in the layout and design aspect, because at school you don’t really get to see how all of that works.’
Mills, who has an array of interests, enjoys dance, music and live action role-play groups. She is a member of a re-enactment group that meets each week and also is active in her church. She counts Elton John and Dolly Parton as inspirations.
‘They’re both unique individuals without trying to be unique,’ Mills said. ‘It’s just who they are and they don’t have to try to be something they’re not. ‘ Plus, they both make beautiful music.’
If Troutman and Mills’ names sound familiar, well, they should. Both were members of the O’Bannon Publishing Co. Inc. student publication Linked! during the 2012-13 school year.
Linked! is a student-driven publication featuring Corydon Central, Crawford County, Lanesville, North Harrison and South Central high schools.
During the past year, Troutman and Mills have honed their writing skills. They have covered events and written about topics that ranged from school formals to how to overcome obstacles like bullying.