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NH’s Reynolds, Corydon’s Taylor going to state meet

NH’s Reynolds, Corydon’s Taylor going to state meet
NH’s Reynolds, Corydon’s Taylor going to state meet
North HarrisonÂ’s Jonathan Reynolds and Corydon CentralÂ’s Levi Taylor put on another show Thursday night at the Bloomington Regional, taking their season-long battle down to the wire. Photo by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

A cold, north wind blew across the Bloomington North track Thursday night, but the performances were hot as at least five local athletes qualified for this week’s state track finals. North Harrison’s Jonathan Reynolds, Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor and Floyd Central’s Codie Hamsley, Gaige Kingsmith and Adam Wallace will take their best efforts to the Indiana University track facility in Bloomington.
The big show came in the 1,600-meter run with North Harrison’s Reynolds and Corydon Central’s Taylor being the main features. Taylor took the lead at the start, while Reynolds got boxed in and was pushed back to about seventh. It didn’t take long, however, for the North Harrison senior to move to the outside and up with Taylor. The pair, just as they have countless other times, battled to the end with Reynolds getting the win in 4:26.2. Taylor finished in 4:27.17. North Harrison’s Curtis Wetzel was 13th at 4:49.50.
‘It started off really slow, and that was not some people’s plans apparently,’ Reynolds said. ‘They kind of took off, and there for a lap I was kid of stuck. After the first turn of the third lap, I needed to go now. You don’t want to jeopardize making it out for conserving anything.’
It worked.
‘They kind of pushed around in the second lane, so I was trying to get in but I couldn’t,’ Taylor said. ‘It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get boxed in or anything … That third lap, I wanted to push it. I didn’t want to make it a last 200-meter race. I just went out there. I didn’t have a kick like I usually do. I’ve been feeling sick, so I’m glad I’ve got this over with. I got out in one of them.’
In the 400-meter dash, Floyd Central’s Kahler Davis was fifth (52.46) and Corydon Central’s Marcus Jones finished eighth (53.23). Lanesville’s Micah Lane was 13th at 55.31. Floyd Central’s Adam Wallace broke the two-minute barrier in the 800-meter run, reaching the state finals with a third-place finish in a time of 1:59.14. North Harrison’s Wetzel was 12th in the event at 2:10.31.
In the 110-meter high hurdles, Floyd Central’s Chase Blakeman and Grant Foster finished sixth (15.94) and seventh (15.98), respectively. In the 300-meter hurdles, Blakeman was sixth (42.34). Corydon Central’s Zack Thomas was 13th (44.48), and Floyd Central’s Foster was 14th (44.64).
Corydon Central was 10th (46.19) in the 400-meter relay. In the 1,600-meter relay, the Highlanders were eighth (3:34.11) and North Harrison finished 10th (3:40.20). The 3,200-meter saw Floyd Central finish seventh (8:30.27) and Lanesville 11th (8:53.62).
Reynolds and Taylor came back for another battle in the 3,200-meter run but were joined by Bloomington South’s Anthony Williams and Kyle Burks and Silver Creek’s Isaak Haas. The race was a regular chess match for the first six laps as the runners jockeyed for position.
‘I just had to physically make myself look strong,’ Reynolds said. ‘I’m assuming they’re just like me. When I’m running, if I see a hint of weakness in someone ahead of me, you’ve just got to exploit it right away.’
With two laps left, Reynolds and Taylor made a move to the front but were held off by Williams. However, Williams was unable to hold off the two Harrison County runners on the last lap. Reynolds got the win at 9:21.45, with Taylor raising his arms in joy with his 9:27.17 second-place finish. Floyd Central’s Luke Uhl was 13th at 10:33.88.
‘I was really happy to see (Taylor) behind me,’ Reynolds said. ‘It kind of feels nice to have two local guys come up to some of the big schools and show them what we’ve got. It was fun.’
For Taylor, there was more than just making it to the state meet.
‘A PR by 12 seconds,’ Taylor said while smiling. ‘It was tough. From the beginning it wasn’t easy. I knew it was going to be tough. We went out the first half faster than our mile. I’m just excited I got out again. I didn’t feel like I could normally run that fast after I ran the mile. It’s awesome. I’m just happy. …
‘I’m looking forward to state now,’ he said. ‘It was a really big goal to qualify in both. You have to be extremely confident going into the race, but there’s always in the back of your mind, ‘I have to do this’.’
The next big show came in one of the first events of the meet, the discus throw. Mother Nature was smiling on the throwers with her north wind, and it soon became evident it was going to be a thrower’s night when Floyd Central’s Codie Hamsley ripped a 200-foot throw in the warm-up period.
Hamsley’s first official throw came in at 194-5, then he unleashed a throw of 201 feet on his second attempt. He also had another throw of just more than 195 feet.
‘The wind was great today,’ Hamsley said. ‘It was a blessing from the Lord that the wind was like this. Any other day we would have been throwing it would have been in our face and raining, so I’m thankful the rain held off so I could get my throws in today.’
But Hamsley and the eight other finalists had three more throws. His first two were well short of the 200-foot line, the second one at only around 170, frustrating the senior.
‘I had a lot of people talking 200 to me, so I let that get to my head a little,’ Hamsley said. ‘That’s why I threw that one. I tried to muscle it out there, and I tried to rip a 200 out there instead of smoothly go through everything I’ve done all year.’
Hamsley cleared his head for his final throw of the competition. He launched the disc high into the air and caught the north wind. As it came down, it aimed toward the 200-foot mark. When the measurement came, it was 201 feet, 3 inches, good for the win.
Crawford County’s Johnny Schwartz didn’t make the state finals but had a good day, breaking his own school record by four feet with a throw of 153-1 to finish sixth.
Hamsley also qualified for the state finals in the shot put, finishing second with a distance of 53 feet, 10 inches. Crawford County’s Nathaniel Baker was seeded last but came back to finish eighth at 44-10-3/4. Teammate Dakota Curl finished 15th at 39-9.
In the long jump, Floyd Central’s Terance Kennedy was 11th (18-10-1/4) and Corydon Central’s Kessler Martin finished 14th at 16-8. Floyd Central pole vaulter just missed a state berth, finishing fourth at 13 feet, 6 inches.
In the first of the running events, Floyd Central was seventh (8:30.27) in the 3,200-meter relay and Lanesville was 11th (8:53.62).
Floyd Central sophomore Gaige Kingsmith had a stellar night in the 100-meter dash, finishing just behind winner Jermaine Parrish of New Albany. Parrish won in a state standard time of 10.56 seconds, with Kingsmith also meeting the standard at 10.99. This is Kingsmith’s first year of running track.
Boys’ team results ‘ 1. Bloomington South 92, 2. Bloomington North 65, 3. Edgewood 57, 4. Floyd Central 52, 5. Jeffersonville 46, 6. Bedford North Lawrence 37, 7. New Albany 28, 8. Madison 27.5, 9t. Seymour 20, 9t. North Harrison 20, 9t. Linton-Stockton 20, 12. Corydon 17, 13. Salem 15, 14t. Borden 14, 14t. Martinsville 14, 16. Silver Creek 12, 17. Clarksville 11, 18t. Eastern Pekin 10, 18t. Owen Valley 10, 20. Brownstown 9.5, 21t. Mitchell 9, 21t. Springs Valley 9, 21t. Brown County 9, 24. Switzerland County 6, 25t. Crawford County 4, 25t. Scottsburg 4, 27t. Orleans 2, 27t. Crothersville 2, 29. New Washington 1.
Boys’ individual results (top 3 to state) ‘ 100 ‘ 1. Parrish (NA) 10.56, 2. Kingsmith (FC), 3. Sherbahn (Mad); 200 ‘ 1. J. Parrish (NA) 22.34, 2. M. Parrish (Clkvl), 3. Dotts (BNL); 400 ‘ 1. Dowdell (Jeff) 49.18, 2. Harrison (Egwd), 3. Herr (BNL); 800 ‘ 1. Huntoon (BS) 1:57.35, 2. McCoy (Symr), 3. Wallace (FC); 1,600 ‘ 1. Reynolds (NH) 4:26.20, 2. Taylor (Co), 3. Burks (BS); 3,200 ‘ 1. Reynolds (NH) 9:21.45, 2. Taylor (Co), 3. Williams (BS); 110 hurdles ‘ 1. Stamm (Lint) 14.43, 2. Chambers (Egwd), 3. Stidd (BS); 300 hurdles ‘ 1. Stamm (Lint) 39.54, 2. Chambers (Egwd), 3. Smith (Egwd); 400 relay ‘ 1. Martinsville, 2. Bloomington North, 3. Jeffersonville; 1,600 relay ‘ 1. Edgewood 3:25.56, 2. Bedford North Lawrence, 3. Jeffersonville; 3,200 relay ‘ 1. Bloomington South 8:08.87, 2. Bedford North Lawrence, 3. Bloomington North; High jump ‘ 1. Olson (BS) 6-6, 2. Wolf (EP), 3. Reilly (BS), 4. Stuckwisch (Brntn) STD; Pole vault ‘ 1. Volz (BS) 14-6, 2. McKinley (Slm), 3. Edwards (Egwd); Long jump ‘ 1. Partee (Mad) 21-11 3/4, 2. Scott (Jeff), 3. Garrison (BNL); Shot put ‘ 1. Williams (BN) 57-5, 2. Hamsley (FC), 3. Szatkowski (BN); Discus ‘ 1. Hamsley (FC) 201-3, 2. Britton (OV), 3. Williams (Bor).
STD ‘ Met State Standard