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Building permits up significantly

One of the gauges for the state of the economy, at least locally, is the number of building permits issued each month by the Harrison County Planning & Zoning Office.
In April, 82 permits were issued, the most since at least 2008.
The average for the month of April the past few years is in the low 50s, and, in March 2013, a total of only 46 permits were recorded.
‘Based on the permits that are being issued, it appears that more landowners are deciding to rehabilitate and/or enlarge existing homes rather than invest in new construction,’ Eric Wise, county planner, said. ‘Despite this shift, most of the contractors I have talked to have a waiting list of jobs to do.’
Wise said, unfortunately, the number of foreclosures advertised in this newspaper has not slowed down and much of the construction activity is associated with re-occupying or resale of such homes.
Of the 82 permits, 14 were issued for single-family houses, to Thieneman Group, Harrison (2); Steve Bachman, Webster; Joe Applegate, Harrison; Nathan Rainbolt, Blue River; Tony Willoughby, Jackson; Thieneman Group, Harrison; Paul Kamer, Blue River; Steve Bachman, Webster; Joellen Harshey, Blue River; Jason Pate, Morgan; Herman Fessell, Posey; Radinet Capital Partners, Harrison; Radinet Capital Partners, Franklin.
Mobile home permits were issued to Jeffrey Minton, Morgan; Emma Neff, Morgan; and Clifton Roberts, Jackson; and four modular home permits were issued, to Rebecca Braboy, Posey; Stacy Boehnlein, Jackson; Donald Pittman, Harrison; and Donald Cooley, Jackson.
Permits were also issued for seven additions, three alterations, one apartment, one carport, one commercial, two decks, 20 electrical, five garages, four pools, two roofs and 15 storages as follows:
Addition ‘ Brian Stem, Spencer; Dan Wagner, Franklin; Marcus Martin, Jackson; Matthew Rochner, Harrison; John Hynes, Jackson; Keith Sutherland, Heth; Robert Fisher, Posey;
Alteration ‘ SGC Properties, Franklin; Mary Walden, Blue River; Walmart, Harrison;
Apartment ‘ Tony Schrank Builders, Harrison;
Carport ‘ Kent Isler, Posey;
Commercial ‘ Rodney Bruce, Harrison;
Deck ‘ Gary Lambert, Franklin; Thomas Sipes, Webster;
Electrical ‘ M&W Sales and Service, Harrison; Amanda Vierling, Jackson; Bac Home Loan Service, Boone; R.W. Properties, Jackson; R.W. Properties, Harrison; Preferred Popcorn, Morgan; John Artman, Harrison (4); William Hutt, Heth; Gurtz Auto Salbage, Spencer; Steve H. Banks, Harrison; Loan Care, Washington; James W. Reas, Harrison; James Ward, Harrison; Freed From Within, Harrison; William Groome, Harrison; Freddie Mac, Heth; Mainstreet Realtors, Harrison;
Garage ‘ Richard Sams, Posey; Brian Delaney, Spencer; Nathan Stockhoff, Franklin; Mike Sheriff, Harrison; Sheridon Petersen, Posey;
Pool ‘ Arley Jackson, Harrison; Brian Kingrey, Morgan; Charles Wilson, Morgan; Gwynn Abbott, Boone;
Roof ‘ Richard McCullum, Harrison; Michael Sphire, Harrison;
Storage ‘ Angela Garretson, Harrison; Tim Ross, Heth; Randall House, Jackson; Gerald Dryden, Jackson; Tony Willoughby, Jackson; Vince Walther, Franklin; Lawrence Hofmann, Blue River; Charles Heatwole, Harrison; David Murphy, Harrison; Mark Farris, Jackson; Martin Miller, Jackson; Roger Shepherd, Harrison; April Hartman Martin, Harrison; Stacy Boehnlein, Jackson (2).