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Make-over planned for Corydon’s town square

Visitors to the square in downtown Corydon may notice something’s missing.
The locust wood fence, which was put into place about a decade ago, on two sides of the square have been removed. Fencing on the Elm Street side was removed the first week in April, and fencing along Beaver Street was taken out two weeks ago. The fence along Capitol Avenue will stay up, at least, temporarily.
Part of the reason, Bec Riley said, was because much of the wood had rotted and was becoming a safety hazard. Another part of the reason is that it’s part of a master plan to spruce up the square for the 2016 bicentennial.
‘It’s really not in good shape, and even (Corydon Town Council President) Fred Cammack was getting worried someone would sit on the fence and it would break and they’d get hurt,’ Riley said. ‘When they pulled out the posts, the bottoms were completely rotten below ground level.’
Riley, who has worked for the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site for nearly three decades, said hand-hewn fencing was installed when she first started her job in 1986. It was replaced about 10 years later and again in the early 2000s.
Riley said additional work is forthcoming to the square, including electric upgrades, proper irrigation and repairing a drainage line near the First State Capitol Building. A landscaping architect has come up with a master plan that Riley said may be slightly unsightly in the short-term but will have long-term benefits.
‘It’s hard to see the changes, but I can see the positive in what it’ll look like down the road,’ Riley said. ‘We’re going to do a lot of things in 2014 and 2015 to get ready for 2016.’
Tour and school buses will be stopping in downtown Corydon each day until June 5 so people can visit Indiana’s birthplace, Riley said.
‘The main thing is we don’t want it to look bad,’ she said. ‘I have to say, without the fence, it almost has a park-like feel. It’s growing on me.’