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Getting to know Scorekeepers

Getting to know Scorekeepers
Getting to know Scorekeepers
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This is the second of a two-part series of questions and answers with the scorekeepers from each Harrison County basketball program, boys’ and girls’.
Profiled this week are Carol Smith (Lanesville girls), Don Wolfe (Lanesville boys), Kenneth Sherrard (South Central girls) and Steve Temple (South Central boys). Last week featured Tom Emily (Corydon Central boys and girls), Jerry Melton (North Harrison boys) and Dianna Smith (North Harrison girls).
Hopefully, you will enjoy their thoughts about various topics.
Carol Smith, Lanesville Girls Basketball
Alma mater: Lanesville High School
Years behind book: I started keeping score in 1977. My brother, Russell Hussung, coached at St. John’s and asked me to keep it for him. I have kept the book off and on for about 20 years. I have kept the book at St. John’s and at Lanesville High School.
Best game you ever saw: It was in 1981-82, and St. John’s won their first and only eighth-grade county tournament! My son was on the team, and it was an exciting game to watch.
Best player ever saw from own school: Call me biased, but I would have to say my own children and grandchildren (Sean Smith, Lori Acton, Terri Brown, Travis Smith, Mitzi Mills, Adam Brown, Shelby Barr, Kenton Acton, Kayla Smith, Austin Brown, Dakota Mills and Taylor Brown). I really enjoy/enjoyed watching them play. My family is a very sports-oriented family. Outside of my own family, I would have to say Chris VanHoose; he was just so much fun to watch and he knew the game and how to make things work. The year LHS went to semi-state (2006-07) was just a fantastic year, and I really enjoyed watching that entire team play also.
Best player ever saw from opponent: Brittany Schoen (South Central) and Shelby Miller (South Central). They were just a lot of fun to watch and knew the game!
Best concessions (outside of own school): Borden because they grill their sandwiches.
Favorite gym to visit: Eastern Pekin. I like the sunk-in gym.
Single-class basketball or multi-class and why: Multi-class. It gives the smaller school a chance of winning a title.
How did you go about starting to keep the scorebook?: My brother, Russell Hussung, asked me to keep the book for him when he coached and I enjoyed it!
Don Wolfe, Lanesville Boys Basketball
Alma mater: Lanesville High School, Class of 1958
Years behind book: 44 years
Best game you ever saw: 2007 regional final. Lanesville versus Jac-Cen-Del. We won our first ever regional championship in basketball.
Best player ever saw from own school: It’s a toss up between my children and grandchildren because I know better than to say anything else.
Best player ever saw from opponent: Jimmy Apple from Salem. He scored 40-something points at Lanesville playing in front of college scouts from William and Mary where he ended up playing college ball.
Best concessions (outside of own school): Don’t go to them
Favorite gym to visit: Any sunken in gym: Orleans, Pekin, West Washington, etc.; they are made with basketball in mind.
Single-class basketball or multi-class and why: Multi-class basketball; it gives smaller schools a chance to play in the state finals.
What’s the secret to good popcorn?: Home-grown by local farmers in Harrison County.
Kenneth Sherrard, South Central Girls Basketball
Alma mater: South Central Junior-Senior High School
Years behind book: Seven
Best game you ever saw: 2008 girls’ sectional semi-final South Central at New Washington. After being knocked out of the 2007 sectional by New Washington, we were down by 14 or 16 with about 2:30 left when (coach) Randall Schoen called a time out. Being close to the bench, I could hear Megan (Sherrard) telling Brittany (Schoen), ‘Get it to me; I promise I will make it.’ And that is what happened. It led to a 3 by Meg, then two quick steals and 3s by Britt. Then New Wash called a time out. It was like New Wash couldn’t recover after that. We won the game by six points. We went on to beat Henryville for the sectional championship.
Best player ever saw from own school: I would like to say myself, but I never played ball. I am partial, and say (daughter) Megan Sherrard and a great player for South Central was Brittney Schoen. But the best player out of South I believe would be Scott Schoen. He just knew the ins and outs of basketball. He knew where the ball was going and where it had to go. He had one of the best jump shots I have ever saw out from this school.
Best player ever saw from opponent: Meghan Bussabarger (Corydon Central). She took control of the game against us in the fourth overtime and scored eight points to win over South. I think she finished the game with 45 points.
Best concessions (outside of own school): Definitely Borden High School. They have such a selection. Everything is grilled, and during sectionals they bring in Chick-Fil-A.
Favorite gym to visit: Scottsburg off-campus gym. The Charles E. Meyer Gymnasium. It reminds me of the old gymnasiums with the wooden bleachers and the dim lighting, kind of like it would have been if I played way back then. It reminds you of the movie “Hoosiers.”
Single-class basketball or multi-class and why: Multi-class because it gives the smaller schools like South a chance to play in a state tournament. But I would like to see the four class champs have a tournament of their own to see who the state champ is for Indiana.
How did you get started doing the girls’ book?: I was needing to get a bus license for my church when Sam Day (transportation director at the time and member of the same church) said he could help and I could drive for athletics for the school. Well, when you drive, you do the books. When Megan started playing high school ball, they offered me the job so I could watch her play.
Steve Temple, South Central Boys Basketball
Alma mater: New Albany High School
Years behind book: 20-1/2
Best game you ever saw: South Central versus Corydon, 2002. That was the first year as the South Central’s scorekeeper that we had ever beaten Corydon. We won by 30 points at South Central. The team consisted of Craig Schoen, Brian Mercer, Kevin Kendall, Jarrod Wilkerson, Aaron Vaught, Adam Miller, “aka Goggles”, Ben Hanus … That was a good Corydon team, but that year we were better.
Best player ever saw from own school: Scott Schoen, maybe not a blue chip athlete but had a “blue chip heart.” The hardest working player I was ever around. What little he may have lacked in talent and size, he made up for it with his work ethic. A South Central “Hall of Famer.”
Best player ever saw from opponent: Pino Pipes, New Albany, 1992. He went on to play at a Division 1 school. We were in single-class basketball at that time. We played in the New Albany Sectional. My son (starting point guard) was killed in an automobile accident that season, and we went against New Albany the very first game (we might have had a shot at beating them if we would not have lost him). Their size was so intimidating that one of our players shot the ball and it went clear over the backboard. The team lost to New Albany by only eight points that game. But New Albany held the ball at half court for four minutes (because we were tired) in the fourth quarter to seal the victory.
Best concessions (outside of own school): Borden High School. They have such a big variety of food.
Favorite gym to visit: In high school, Loogootee High School because of the history behind the Coach Butcher and Blue Chip/Super Hoops Tournament in Indianapolis 2002: Butler University’s Hinkle Field House, we were in the same locker room that was used in the movie “Hoosiers.”
Single-class basketball or multi-class and why: Multi-class. It doesn’t take a genius or professor to realize that small schools cannot compete with the large school in size and amount of athletes. Large school make cuts to fill their rosters; small schools have to take athletics from multi-sports to fill their rosters. If single-class is so wrong, why do they have multi-class in football? The same reason goes for all sports. As the golf coach at South Central, we cannot compete with the Floyd Centrals and Providences. Athletic-wise or financially. I think all sports need to be classed. The big schools just want an easy path to championships by beating the smaller schools. They also rake in the money for attendance and concessions by hosting big tournaments.
Why do you use all the different colored pens while keeping book?: I am a big believer in stats. Statistics is the real facts about the games. When a coach has spent an hour or more on the court striving for a win, I want to make it easier for him to have all the information possible in the book. Different colors for different quarters, different symbols for fouls in each quarter, etc. But this holds true more in baseball than in basketball with all the substitutions and relief pitchers. You can also draw pictures in the scorebook wishing the coach a Merry Christmas at holiday time. Statistics never lie!