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Couple celebrate New Year with 1st baby

Couple celebrate New Year with 1st baby
Couple celebrate New Year with 1st baby
John Paul and Erica Blanton pose for a hospital photo with their daughter, Shelby Lynn Blanton, who was born Jan. 1 at 10:22 a.m. at Harrison County Hospital in Corydon. Photo by April Bolin (click for larger version)

Erica and John Paul Blanton, who recently moved from Louisville to Elizabeth, celebrated New Year’s Day with their first child, which also was the first baby to be born in 2013 at Harrison County Hospital in Corydon.
Dr. Kerrin C. Dunn, Erica’s obstetrician, delivered the 6-pound, 8-1/2-ounce baby, Shelby Lynn Blanton, at 10:22 a.m. Shelby was 20-1/2 inches long.
While Erica’s due date was Jan. 9, the couple said they thought the baby might arrive on Christmas Eve. However, a trip to HCH revealed it was false labor and the two 25-year-olds returned home to wait.
Erica had an appointment with Dunn on Friday, Dec. 28, then, when she experienced additional labor pains on New Year’s Eve, she was told to go to the hospital and was admitted shortly after 12:30 p.m.
John Paul, a truck driver for Kroger, was hoping he would get to the hospital before the baby arrived.
‘I thought we might have a tax deduction,’ he said, referring to tax laws that allow babies born on Dec. 31 to be claimed as dependents for the entire year.
The couple knew they were having a girl and had her name already decided ‘ Shelby after John Paul’s stepfather and Lynn from Erica’s cousin and best friend ‘ but had no idea she would be the first baby born in the new year.
Shelby’s grandparents are Steve and Helene Lynch of Louisville, John Blanton of Waddy, Ky., Debbie Walters of Mount Eden, Ky., Lana Blanton of Louisville and Bryan Benedict of Mitchellsburg, Ky. Great-grandparents are Gloria Foster and Juanita Blanton, both of Jeffersonville, and Elizabeth Durrall and Imelda Sivori, both of Louisville.
‘I’m happy we birthed here’ at HCH, said Erica, who works as a nurse at Home of the Innocents in Louisville, where she said each nurse has three to four patients, so there isn’t the personal attention like she received at Harrison County Hospital. ‘The one-on-one experience was amazing.’
The couple, along with their daughter, headed home Thursday.
John Paul said he couldn’t wait until he could play with his new daughter, while Erica was anxious to hear her giggle and babble and to see what kind of personality Shelby would have.