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Discover your passion in 2013

Discover your passion in 2013 Discover your passion in 2013

May I add my wishes to those of your friends and family and say, ‘Happy New Year!’?
Have you heard that wish a lot these past few days? We often act like, with the turning of the calendar to a new year, we enter a totally new starting point in life. We make commitments to ourselves of new year’s resolutions. We hope for a turning around of our problems and our own less-than-steller behavior.
Every year I pledge to lose weight, be nicer and read the Bible more. For 50-some years, I have had the same goals, the same weight and the same daily habits. What keeps me from the New Year’s Eve resolutions I make?
It seems in the development of technology, with its resultant alterations in economic and social behavior, we are changing at record speed. I grew up helping my father carry a large, wooden tripod for big, complicated cameras. He was a wonderful photographer, and it was serious business when he used his talent and expensive film to record family outings. My father’s lifetime career, however, was in the manufacturing of telephones for Western Electric. The company made the black dial phones that almost all businesses and homes used. Yesterday, a professional television person interviewed me with an iPhone, and his report ran on the noon news. My father never could have comprehended this change in the way we record and send pictures and words.
The newsman that I spoke with yesterday did share with my dad the desire, skill and commitment to record and share visual and written information. It was and is a passion and driving force to many people. We still, with all the technological advancements, have the same basic interests and needs that mankind has always had. My father, the newsman and I want to acknowledge our surroundings, record them for posterity and pass on the impressions. I guess cavemen marking with charcoal sticks on rocks had the same drive. It is, indeed, as we meet this new year, a new day but in an old world.
We enter a year of new possibilities with the same baggage and human potential that mankind has always possessed. It is difficult to garner enthusiasm for going through, year after year, the same routine of making new year’s resolutions and then seeing them fade away in rather short order. Our visions of personal change meet our unique personalities and skills and often wither with ingrained attitudes and habits.
So, I have a new idea for myself this year. It came to me on a recent gray day when my head was stopped up and my ambition was dragging. Amidst my glum condition came an e-mail that tweaked my mind. I realized that I perked up, did some research and responded to the inquiry I had received. The message of the e-mail was not an offer of riches or fame. Instead, it was an e-mail suggesting a challenge to my last column in The Corydon Democrat before Christmas. I was invigorated and right on it.
I wouldn’t have realized that I would find this stimulating. I had to acknowledge that I am jazzed by the discussion of ideas more than most anything else. I don’t expect many people would find this fun or exciting like I do, but everyone has something that rings their bell and gets them going. That is what must direct each of us as we start a new year. We don’t all want to discuss controversial subjects. What kind of a society would that be? Our communities do best when each of us are invigorated, expressing our unique skills and interests. My insight for 2013 is to follow your passion and watch yourself wake up ready to go for another new year. Watch it affect your work and play positively.
The new universal use of a small device called a smartphone illustrates the environment that allows us all to follow our dreams in our unique ways. We don’t all want the same ‘apps’ or use the same features provided by our phones, but a lot of people are active in ways never before possible. One person might want to get immediate sports scores, another can look up scholarly information, family members can talk daily to each other and single folks are able to find dates and even marriage partners. What if we found resources among the millions in our world to service our individual interests, skills and needs?
I hope I can stop butting my head against the wall about making myself feel guilty about not losing weight, being nicer or reading the Bible more. Better than that, I will try to get so absorbed in challenging ideas and discussions that I do not nibble between meals, I will be happy and, thus, cease to act grumpy and my mind can find all the stimulus it needs in the news, conversation and the Good Book.
Discover your passion and follow it in 2013. That will be a Happy New Year.