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Time to pause, give thanks

A time to give thanks can be traced back to 1621; however, it wasn’t until December 1941 that the United States officially set the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving.
As many of you will pause this week to count your blessings, the newsroom staff members took a few minutes to think about what they are thankful for.
I’m thankful that college basketball season is back in action and this week (feast week) is one of the best weeks of basketball throughout the entire season. Every season is exciting, but this one has been kicked up a notch with the three area teams, led by Indiana’s No. 1 ranking, expected to have big years. Louisville is right on the Hoosiers’ heels at No. 2, and Kentucky, which spent time at No. 3, is a little further back after suffering its first loss of the season against Duke last week. It’s a shame the trio won’t play each other in the regular season this year, with the exception of the Kentucky-Louisville showdown Dec. 29.
County officials have set aside funding for a project that should help bring an economic jolt to the county with the sanitary sewer project in New Salisbury. The county has also set its sights on a similar project at the Lanesville Interstate 64 interchange, which could also bring businesses and jobs to the county. These two projects should make all Harrison County residents thankful for a job well done by county officials. – Ross Schulz
I’m thankful for a healthy family: my hard-working wife who pours her heart and soul into whatever she does and my two beautiful daughters who make me laugh daily; for the time that we spend together (even when time is short on some days) and the road we’ve traveled together; and for awesome parents who are still there for me.
I’m thankful for my church, and the amazing, variety of people who go there and give so much of themselves in work for God’s kingdom. I’m thankful for all the little kiddos in my kindergarten Bible school class, who more than once have surprised me from behind by hugging my leg while I’m out in public.
I’m thankful for Marcee LaHue, whose Zumba class helped me lose more than 30 pounds this year, and for Harrison County Sheriff Rodney (Rod) Seelye, whose Citizen’s Police Academy class has been intriguing, educational and an overall blast.
I’m thankful for Michigan football and basketball, and for football head coach Brady Hoke and men’s basketball coach John Beilein, for making both sports relevant again. I’m thankful for Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson for everything he’s done while wearing the Maize and Blue. Speaking of Blue, I’m also thankful for the Indianapolis Colts and owner Jim Irsay, who made tough decisions to part ways with veteran talent (including Peyton Manning) to make room for new players, not the least of whom is rookie phenom quarterback Andrew Luck.
Last, but definitely not least, I’m thankful for anyone who has ever donned a uniform to defend this great country. The United States is home of the free because of the brave, and I pray we never forget it. – Alan Stewart
With the recent conclusion of the high school marching band season and the beginning of winter drumline and guard, I’m thankful that our public school corporations value the importance of such extracurricular activities. Not only do the students broaden their musical abilities, they learn team work, build relationships and develop skills that will serve them well later in life.
I’m thankful that we live in a community where so many readily jump in to help those in need. Whether it be providing financial assistance to an injured friend or neighbor, providing labor to help strangers clean up after a deadly tornado or praying for comfort for those whose lives were disrupted by Superstorm Sandy, Harrison Countians truly are a caring lot.
On a global level, I’m blessed to live in the United States rather than a war-torn country where bombings seem to be a way of life. I’m thankful for the brave men and women who willingly agree to serve in our military to help keep us safe.
And I can’t forget family and friends. This year, my family gained a wonderful son-in-law and several people whom I now count as friends entered my life. For those who have passed on, I am thankful for having known them. – Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor
As we celebrate another Thanksgiving, we hope you take time to remember the good in your life and give thanks. We wish you and yours many bountiful blessings.