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Grand jury expected to indict Palmyra officials

A Harrison County grand jury is expected to indict three current Palmyra government officials, a former Palmyra town manager and a spouse of one of the officials.
Palmyra town council president Virginia (Jenny) Kirkham and her husband, Ron Byerly, Palmyra town council member Paul Eveslage, Palmyra clerk-treasurer Tiffany Cardwell and former town manager Cheri Banet are all expected to be named in the indictment.
Pending court document confirmation, Eveslage, Banet, Cardwell and Byerly are expected to be charged with Class D felony conspiracy to commit fraud; Eveslage, Kirkham, Banet and Cardwell are expected to be charged with Class D felony official misconduct; and Kirkham is expected to be charged with Class D felony welfare fraud.
Alvin Brown, the third Palmyra town council member, is not expected to be indicted.
The six-member grand jury was convened Oct. 2. Each of the accused had an opportunity to testify before the grand jury, though it’s not known who did, or didn’t, exercise that right.
A grand jury hears only the prosecution’s side of a case to determine whether or not there’s enough evidence to charge someone with a crime.
Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) before the news of the anticipated indictments was released, Cardwell had notified the newspaper of her intentions to resign her position at the end of the year. Citing a desire to be home more with her family, she requested the position opening be placed in the newspaper.