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Reynolds leads early, closes 12th

Reynolds leads early, closes 12th
Reynolds leads early, closes 12th
North HarrisonÂ’s Jonathan Reynolds (237) puts his eye on leader Zachery Panning, left, in the early going of the boysÂ’ state final. Panning and Reynolds led through the first half of the race before being caught by the chase pack. Barr-ReeveÂ’s Connor Sorrells broke out to win in the final stretch, while Reynolds held on for 12th place and a podium finish. Photos by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

North Harrison senior Jonathan Reynolds ended his high school cross country career with a 12th-place finish Saturday afternoon at the Indiana state final cross country meet at the LaVerne Gibson course in Terre Haute.
‘After the last few state meets, I haven’t done so hot,’ Reynolds said after his 5K run. ‘Podium today, I knew I wanted the podium. I would have liked to have gotten top 10, maybe even top five, but I can’t complain about podium.’
Reynolds was feeling good about an hour before the boys’ race. The North Harrison senior felt so good that he and Concordia’s Zachery Panning went to the front of the field at the start and stayed there through the first kilometer and a half.
‘I felt pretty comfortable,’ Reynolds said. ‘It wasn’t that that was my plan, but that’s what happened, and I stayed with it.’
By the halfway point, however, the chase pack caught up with Reynolds while Panning was still several meters in front.
‘I knew it would happen,’ Reynolds said. ‘Even though it’s with different runners every year, the state meet kind of gets run the same way. There’s usually two or three big surges that get made. One of them is when that group caught me and (Panning). Then, I stayed on them for a little while knowing that I just need to hold on and that was going to set me up great.’
Also in that chase pack was Barr-Reeve’s Connor Sorrells, winner of the Brown County Semi-State, and, with 1,500 meters to go, the Barr-Reeve senior made his move to chase down Panning, something Reynolds expected.
‘When the group caught me, he must have been on the group, and then he made a move and I don’t know where he came from,’ Reynolds said. ‘He made a really strong move and he looked great. I could tell he was going after (Panning). From the looks of it, he finished pretty strong.’
Sorrells exploded in the last 1,000 meters and flew around Panning, going on to win in a time of 15:21.3. With runners all around him, Reynolds had to find an extra gear down the stretch and moved into 12th place as he crossed the finish line in 15:43.1.
‘I didn’t know exactly what place I was in, but I knew top 15 got the podium,’ Reynolds said. ‘I knew I was somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 … You just get as many guys as you can. You can’t do anything else about it. I know I got a couple. If I would have had 10 more meters, I think I could have caught four or five of them. I’m still pretty pleased.’
Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor also had a good race, finishing 41st of the 194 runners in a time of 16:09.7. The Corydon Central senior, however, is one of those runners who’s just not completely satisfied.
‘I don’t have a whole lot to complain about,’ Taylor said. ‘There’s always going to be something no matter what I do ‘ That’s why I’m never going to be satisfied. To be a pretty good runner, you’re never going to be satisfied. You want to keep going.’
Taylor said the final stretch was one of the longest he’s ever run and didn’t know if it was going to end.
‘That seemed like it was two miles long,’ he said. ‘It was so long it hurt so bad. You’re burning and your whole body is heavy. You see the finish line, and you don’t think it’s ever going to come. It just keeps going away from you. It hurt but it’s part of the game.’
‘I wanted to get all-state, but I guess I could be mad and be whining, but I got here so I can’t really be too mad,’ he said. ‘It was a good experience. I’m glad I did it.’
The day began with the girls’ race, and it was not a good day for North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler. For the last two weeks, Bosler has been nursing an ankle injury from the Crawford County Sectional. Bosler said things weren’t right even the day before during an easy run on the course.
‘Yesterday, I could feel it when I was running,’ the sophomore said. ‘I knew that wasn’t really a good sign. I was hoping I wouldn’t feel it during the race, but I definitely did.’
Bosler, making her second state appearance, fell well back in the field at the start. The Lady Cats’ runner stayed near the back of the pack through the entire race, finishing a disappointing 162nd in a time of 21:16.4.
‘I could see my time, and I knew it wasn’t very good at all,’ she said. ‘I was just trying to make it as good as possible from where I was. It was worse back there ‘ (The finish) was pretty hard because I was fighting my leg and I was fighting a side-stitch actually from running funky. I was trying to pass some people.’
Crawford County regional winner Sienna Crews of Heritage Hills finished 18th (18:41.1), while Perry Central senior Cathryn Peter finished 61st (19:38.2). Floyd Central’s Lydia Kotowski, a freshman, finished a respectable 71st (19:46.0) out of the 195 runners.
Peter had hoped to crack the top 50 but wasn’t disappointed with her 61st-place finish at the end of her high school cross country career.
‘I felt amazing,’ Peter said. ‘I ended it the best way I could. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.’
With a strong wind pushing down from the north, Peter said she tucked in behind some of her competitors to save energy for the finish.
‘The wind got to me a little bit,’ she said. ‘I tried staying behind some girls and that helped block some of it. The fans, I had too much adrenaline to feel it a whole lot. Someone told me what place I was, and I said, ‘Oh, I’ve got to do better than that.’ I was like, ‘This is my last race ever.’ I gave it all I could, and I’m happy with it.’
Anna Rohrer, a Mishawaka sophomore, was the top overall finisher with a time of 17:13.3.
Carmel swept the team titles, scoring 66 points in the girls’ event and 93 in the boys’.

Girls’ team scores ‘ 1. Carmel 66, 2. West Lafayette 147, 3. Columbus North 158, 4. Franklin Central 160, 5. Hamilton Southeastern 173, 6. Carroll-FW 174, 7. Eastern (Greentown) 206, 8. Northridge 228, 9. Fishers 300, 10. Westfield 320, 11. Avon 337, 12. Terre Haute North 359, 13. Bloomington South 388, 14. Fort Wayne Concordia 390, 15. Valparaiso 405, 16. Chesterton 407, 17. Homestead 408, 18. Penn 413, 19. Warsaw 420, 20. Huntington North 422, 21. Portage 455, 22. Terre Haute South 542, 23. Bloomington North 639, 24. Evansville Reitz Memorial 691.
Girls’ individual results ‘ 1. Anna Rohrer (Mish) 17:13.2, 2. Ashley Erba (War) 17:29.2, 3. Bobbie Burgess (WLaf) 17:51.6, 4. Mackenzie Caldwell (CN) 17:55.8, 5. Bethany Neely (EG) 18:04.2, 6. Anna Aldrich (Frmnt) 18:11.5, 7. Sarah Billingsley (OA) 18:21.9, 8. Kendra Foley (Nlblvl) 18:25.4, 9. Abigail Hostetler (Frmnt) 18:29.6, 10. Rachel Nichwitz (NS) 18:29.9, 11. Amanda Farrough (SBC) 18:30, 12. Gina Genco (Crml) 18:31.3, 13. Rachael Sollman (CN) 18:31.8, 14. Jessica King (HS) 18:45.5, 15. Emma MacAnnally (IC) 18:35.6, 18. Sienna Crews (HH) 18:41.1, 61. Cathryn Peter (PC) 19:38.2, 71. Lydia Kotowski (FC) 19:46.0, 162. Ashton Bosler (NH) 21:16.4.
Boys’ team scores ‘ 1. Carmel 93, 2. Carroll-FW 116, 3. Valparaiso 149, 4. Warsaw 157, 5. Hamilton Southeastern 182, 6. Columbus North 187, 7. Westfield 198, 8. Terre Haute South 210, 9. Indianapolis Cathedral 223, 10. Lawrence Central 295, 11. Northridge 333, 12. Bloomington South 353, 13. Franklin Central 391, 14. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 405, 15. Goshen 411, 16. Lowell 427, 17. West Lafayette 430, 18. Mishawaka 443, 19. Hobart 456, 20. Bedford North Lawrence 465, 21. McCutcheon 487, 22. Homestead 502, 23. Evansville North 524, 24. Bloomington North 565.
Boys’ individual results ‘ 1. Connor Sorrells (BR) 15:21.3, 2. Zachery Panning (FWC) 15:26.5, 3. Troy Reeder (HS) 15:28.8, 4. Jackson Bertoli (THS) 15:34.2, 5. Kyle Eller (Lwll) 15:35.2, 6. Jacob Poynter (Wrsw) 15:37.0, 7. Matt Dorsey (LC) 15:39.7, 8. Ellis Coon (Wrsw) 15:41.2, 9. Kyle DuVall (Wstfld) 15:41.8, 10. James Huffman (NC) 15:42.3, 11. Alec Kostelnik (MrgTwp) 15:42.5, 12. Jonathan Reynolds (NH) 15:43.1, 13. Jonathan Harper (CFW) 15:43.2, 14. Robert Murphy (Wrsw) 15:43.6, 15. Ari Coulopoulos (Vlpo) 15:45.2, 41. Levi Taylor (Co) 16:09.7.