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Be an informed voter

My Opinion
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Staff Writer

We’re in the home stretch of another election. One that has seen record-setting campaign spending on the national level.
Are you planning to vote? If so, I hope you’re prepared, as most of the people who will be elected to offices ‘ all the way from the president down to school board members on the local level ‘ will be representing you for the next four years. (An exception is state representatives, who are elected to two-year terms.)
This newspaper has done its share to help provide information about the candidates. There have been the profiles, where the candidates answered, in their own words, submitted questions. There have been political ads, some written by the candidates and others written by their supporters.
Also, for what may have been a first for Harrison County, O’Bannon Publishing Co. Inc. hosted a debate Monday night between the two candidates for Indiana’s Ninth District Congressional seat. Incumbent Todd Young, a Republican who is completing his first term in office, and his Democrat challenger, Shelli Yoder spent nearly 90 minutes answering questions that had been submitted by potential voters in the district about issues that matter to them.
While the Corydon Central High School auditorium wasn’t filled to capacity, a large crowd attended, showing the interest in this year’s election.
If you missed any of our candidate profiles or were unable to attend Monday’s debate, you can still do your homework by checking out the profiles on our website,, and viewing the archived debate at (search ‘corydondemocrat’).
If you’re unsure of your polling place, we’ve provided that in today’s newspaper (see page A1). Or, visit online at
According to Indiana’s Civic Health Index, in 2010, the state ranked 21st in the number of people who belong to religious, neighborhood, school, sports and other community groups. However, Hoosiers were 48th in voter turnout that year.
We can do better than that. Let’s all do our part to help boost our Index standing in this election by going to the polls and casting our ballots as informed voters.