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Reynolds earns regional title

Reynolds earns regional title
Reynolds earns regional title
Cougar harrier Jonathan Reynolds pulls away from the field in the first lap of the regional as Heritage HillÂ’s Ben Woolems (left) and Corydon CentralÂ’s Levi Taylor (55) followed right behind. Reynolds won in a time of 15:49. Photos by Wade Bell (click for larger version)

The Floyd Central Lady Highlanders dominated the Crawford County cross country regional Saturday morning like they did a few days earlier in Tuesday’s sectional, putting five girls in the top 15. Meanwhile in the boys’ division, both Perry Central and Borden thought they had come in second, but in the end the Commodores proved to be the victors.
‘We had a great team race today,’ Floyd Central girls’ coach Carl Hook said. ‘We’re just so blessed to have everybody healthy. We’ve been praying to keep everybody healthy all season.’
For the Commodores, it was the school’s first regional championship in a sport other than football.
‘That’s a first for us,’ said coach Jason Barnett. ‘We’ve never won a regional in anything. Football is the only thing that’s won a regional at our school … On paper I figured it up and I tried to compare the Jasper course to this one. I had us winning by 10. I thought we could if we ran well. They didn’t run as good as I had on paper, but it came out pretty close.’
The girls’ race turned into a duel between North Harrison’s Ashton Bosler and Heritage Hills’ Sienna Crews. Both runners paced each other through the opening lap, with Floyd Central’s Lydia Kotowski and Perry Central’s Cathryn Peter several yards behind with Floyd Central’s Alyssa Moore in fifth.
On the beginning of the last circuit, Peter and Kotowski closed the gap to about five meters of the two leaders. From there, the front pair began to break away. Bosler tried to keep up with Crews, who began her kick on the second half of the final lap. Crews pulled away to win in a time of 18 minutes, 31 seconds, while Bosler set a new personal mark of 18:46.
‘I can always look back and wish I would have gotten first,’ said Bosler, who reached her goal of finishing under 19 minutes, ‘But I was feeling pretty taxed today, so I’m still pretty satisfied since I PR’d … She’s the one that can make the difference for me or any competitor for that matter.’
Peter finished third in a time of 19:13, with Floyd Central’s Kotowski in fourth. Jasper’s Hannah Welch was fifth, and Floyd Central’s Alyssa Moore was sixth.
‘That was my goal,’ Peter said of her finish. ‘I’m very happy about that. That was my main goal. I wanted to stay with Sienna, but I’m not feeling it. My legs are hurting. Her and Ashton really pushed each other.’
‘I just decided to just run and push myself and do what I could do to help the team,’ Kotowski said, adding that she got some extra motivation running next to Peter. ‘The Perry girl next to me forced me to push myself the whole race instead of slacking off. She out-sprinted me at the end, but we were right there going back and forth the three miles.’
Madison Barney was seventh for the Lady Highlanders, while Zoe Doebler finished 11th. Jamie Bierman finished 15th, Haley Meyer was 17th and Cassie Nale was 19th.
‘They all ran well today,’ Hook said of his Lady Highlanders. ‘We focused on what had to get done and who they had to key off of. We had people picked out, and we knew what we had to take care of. So, you just throw it out there and the gun goes off then I can’t do anything else. It’s all up to them then. They took care of business.’
Perry Central’s Megan Thomas was 14th, while Corydon Central’s Kristin Proctor was 22nd. North Harrison’s Hayley Elliott and Shelby Lindsey cracked the top 25 at 24th and 25th, respectively.
In the team standings, Perry Central tied with New Albany at 96 points, the Lady Commodores getting the second spot on the sixth runner. North Harrison was fourth at 114, and Jasper got the final semi-state spot finishing fifth with 127 points.
North Harrison’s Jonathan Reynolds was a force to be reckoned with in the boys’ race. On the first circuit, New Albany’s Andrew Hirsch and Lanesville’s Brandon Price went to the front, but it wasn’t long before Reynolds took control in the first mile. Heritage Hills’ Ben Woolems and Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor moved up to second and third and tried to keep pace but, by mile two, Reynolds was well out in front. The North Harrison senior went on to win in a time of 15 minutes, 49 seconds with Woolems second and Taylor third.
Reynolds said his sectional win the Tuesday before helped him get ready for his regional run.
‘Tuesday I felt great,’ Reynolds said. ‘I felt strong the whole race and really got a feel for the course. I knew where I needed to work hard, where I needed to make some big moves and knowing if I did certain things, I know I can take care of anyone here.’
‘From the signs of it, it looks like everybody ran a great race today,’ the Cougar senior said. ‘I was fortunate to have a great day and felt good. I really had the drive today and mentally I was just tough.’
Despite his third-place finish, Corydon Central’s Taylor wasn’t completely happy with his performance.
‘The first lap in the woods, we were all three right there,’ Taylor said. ‘He kind of pulled away and I was like, ‘I’m not feeling too good. I’m not sure if I can go after him.’ I ended up not going after him. He pulled away pretty much from there. He ran really good. That last half I was just tanked.’
Using the fast start, Lanesville’s Price held on for one of the advancing spots to semi-state. The senior completed the race in 16:58 for 13th place.
North Harrison’s Daniel Fleace had a good finish in fourth, and Alex Newton of Perry Central rounded out the top five. Perry Central’s Aaron Pierrard and Bryce Lain also cracked the top 15, finishing eighth and 12th, respectively. Floyd Central’s Luke Uhl was the top Highlander finisher at 18th, and Lanesville’s Travis Kaake was 19th. Crawford County’s Cody Carlton was 22nd, and North Harrison’s Curtis Wetzel also cracked the top 25 at 24th.
The Commodores had 69 points to finish 12 points ahead of Crawford County sectional winner Borden. North Harrison finished third in the team standings with 111 points, and Forest Park was fourth at 129. Floyd Central squeaked in at fifth with 134 points, the sixth man determining the final semi-state spot after they tied with Tell City.
‘We both started off pacing pretty good,’ Barnett said of his team’s battle with the Borden Braves. ‘Neither one of us went out too hard. Coming in, our boys looked really tired. We were getting passed, and Borden was coming in really strong.’
Barnett said this Saturday’s Brown County semi-state could see times as much as 20 seconds faster than the regional times.
‘You can take 20 seconds off these times probably if the course conditions are good,’ the Perry Central coach said. ‘It’s a fast, flat course … We’re hoping to nab one of those fifth or sixth spots. That’s our goal anyway.’
Semi-state will begin Saturday at 10:30 a.m. The top 15 individuals and top six teams will advance to the state finals. Admission is free.

Girls’ team scores (top five to semi-state) ‘ Floyd Central 43, Perry Central 96, New Albany 96, North Harrison 114, Jasper 127, Heritage Hills 145, Forest Park 158, Providence 176, Northeast Dubois 219, Borden 274.
Girls’ individual results (top 15 to semi-state) ‘ 1. Sienna Crews (HH) 18:31, 2. Ashton Bosler (NH) 18:46, 3. Cathryn Peter (PC) 19:13, 4. Lydia Kotowski (FC) 19:18, 5. Hannah Welch (Jspr) 20:37, 6. Alyssa Moore (FC) 20:37, 7. Madison Barney (FC) 20:49, 8. Phoebe Bauer (NA) 20:50, 9. Erin Denis (Prov) 20:52, 10. Kori Siebert (Prov) 20:59, 11. Zoe Doebler (FC) 21:05, 12. Bailey Knable (NA) 21:06; 13. Rose Kaforski (NA) 21:10; 14. Megan Thomas (PC) 21:18, 15. Jamie Bierman (FC) 21:18.
Boys’ team scores (top five to semi-state) ‘ Perry Central 68, Borden 80, North Harrison 111, Forest Park 129, Floyd Central 134, Tell City 134, Heritage Hills 149, Lanesville 166, Providence 191, Northeast Dubois 206.
Boys’ individual results (top 15 to semi-state) ‘ 1. Jonathan Reynolds (NH) 15:49, 2. Ben Woolems (HH) 16:10, 3. Levi Taylor (Co) 16:13, 4. Daniel Fleace (NH) 16:33, 5. Alex Newton (PC) 16:37, 6. Andrew Hirsch (NA) 16:39, 7. Murphy Sheets (Prov) 16:44, 8. Aaron Pierrard (PC) 16:49, 9. Julien Magallanes (Bor) 16:52, 10. Tyrell Dowdell (Jeff) 16:56, 11. Zach Wagler (Loog) 16:57, 12. Bryce Lain (PC) 16:58, 13. Brandon Price (Lnsvl) 16;58, 14. Trey Dooley (FP) 17:02, 15. Cameron Sherry (TC) 17:03.