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Foushee demos way to win

Foushee demos way to win
Foushee demos way to win
In the big car demolition derby feature, top photo, Adam Foushee (2X) delivers a late blow to a competitor. Photos by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

Thursday’s edition of the demolition derby packed the grandstand once again at the Harrison County Fair.
The feature event, the big car demolition derby, capped the long night with cars that didn’t resemble themselves a few hours earlier.
Adam Foushee drove the 2X to victory, despite not much of his bumper remaining on his solid black vehicle. The finale came down to battle between Foushee and Vincent Olivias. The two chased each other around the track several times, delivering blows to one another. In the end, Olivias was pinned on the inside concrete barrier as Foushee pounded away on him.
Foushee eventually backed off while Olivias pulled his flag down to close the night. Foushee took home the top prize of $2,000.
Scotty Hinkle hung around the feature event, which drew 11 cars, but cashed out in third place.
Qualifiers from the first heat, a quick event that features loads of hard-hitting action, were, Patrick Wright, Foushee and Olivias. The second heat took much longer to determine the final advancers, but Jacob Harbeson, Dusty Sizemore and Tailgate Chris Bolen moved on. Four others advanced via the last-chance heat, along with a promoter’s choice.
The lawnmower derby also returned for a second night. While plenty of banging and turning over of lawn clippers took place early, it took a while to determine the winner.
Stubborn machines of Charles VanMeter and Phillip Hayes didn’t want to give out. Eventually, VanMeter walked away with the win. Aaron Mudd placed third, while John Key and Curtis Brown rounded out the top five.
The rollover contest took place before the big car main event but drew just as much ovation when a 74-year-old veteran took the win.
Mealy Brown, better known as the ‘Tin Man,’ rolled his battered two-door hatchback over two times in a roll off to snare cheers and the cash. Brown and David Jaggers were tied after the first two rounds with seven points each, forcing the roll off. Placing third was Scotty Brown.