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Welcome to the party

Welcome to the party Welcome to the party

Everyone loves a birthday party. Even golden oldies like me like to celebrate our special day with family and friends. It seems to me it is a way of reaffirming the fact that, ‘Yes, indeed, I was here at this point in history and the world would be different if that weren’t the case. I matter.’
Birthday cakes were part of the celebration way back in ancient Roman times. Greeks in the 18th century added candles atop the cakes so that they might ‘glow like the moon.’ Today, turquoise-colored icing often displays the birthday person’s name, and all varieties of decorations adorn the top.
Birthdays aren’t simply about remembering how cute we were as babies. They are also about blowing out candles as we make wishes for the future. A birthday signifies the end of one period and the opportunity and hope of a new beginning. We see a birthday as a launch to what happens in the future.
We are getting ready for a very important birthday in our state. On Dec. 11, 2016, Indiana will turn 200 years old. This bicentennial will have a great meaning for our county. It all started right here in Corydon, with the framing of a constitution and the establishment of a government. We have the Old State Capitol to remind us of this every time we pass by our town square.
But just as other old things that we have seen all our lives become so ‘old hat’ that they no longer draw our attention, we rush by without really feeling the significance of Harrison County, the birthplace of our state.
Aren’t we fortunate that we have this bicentennial looming before us? We have four years to plan and create experiences that are fun and productive. As we enter the state’s birthday celebrations, we can use them to motivate and build lasting improvements. I salute committees that have been formed to develop our opportunities locally. Volunteers are ready to have the time of their lives.
I am impressed with the breadth of the areas planners want to include: business and industry, agriculture, historical, tourism, government, religious life, legacy, arts, education and multi-cultural. This is no mere nostalgic pageant. This is a thorough look at the whole community and a countywide activity that involves all of us. All community organizations, groups and programs might be asking themselves, ‘What are we going to do to for the bicentennial experience?’
Thus far, five committees have been formed. There is a place for everyone to be part of the action. And you will want to e-mail the following people to join the excitement:
‘Steering and celebration committee: Pam Martin at [email protected]
‘Religious life committee: Lori Miller-Price at [email protected]
‘Legacy committee: Marian Pearcy at [email protected]
‘Arts committee: Jean Schettler at [email protected]
‘Education committee: Dan Bays at [email protected]
It isn’t always easy to feel that you can affect the happenings of today, let alone the conditions of tomorrow. This is that rare time to be right in the mix and see your fingerprints on our future. We need to think broadly, because the chance to be motivated and improve our community is sitting right there for our taking.
Who doesn’t want to have some excitement in their lives? Who doesn’t want to be part of a history-making event? Who doesn’t want to feel the fellowship of a group action or event? Who doesn’t want a bright future for the place you call home?
Well, come on, enter into the blowing winds that will snuff out that bicentennial birthday candle and make our wishes come true.