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Hoops tourney report concluded by IHSAA

Following weeks of public town meetings and surveying the IHSAA member schools, Commissioner Bobby Cox has issued his final report on the study of the boys’ and girls’ basketball tournament formats.
The study originated following an agreement between Cox and State Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, to remove language Delph had introduced as part of Senate Bill 236 during the 2012 Indiana General Assembly which would have made it illegal for any school corporation to compete in a multiple-class basketball tournament.
A series of 11 meetings, hosted by both individuals, were scheduled throughout the state to allow residents to voice their opinions on the basketball tournament formats and also to vote their preference by straw ballot. Of the 514 ballots cast during the 11 meetings, 68.09 percent favored a return to the single-class tournament while 31.91 percent supported the current multiple-class tournament.
The IHSAA also electronically surveyed principals, athletic administrators, boys’ and girls’ basketball coaches, as well as boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball players at IHSAA member schools. Each of those groups showed strong support for the multiple-class tournaments with a majority of principals (76.82 percent), athletic directors (79.29), basketball coaches (54.97) and student-athletes (72.16) voting in favor.
Following the findings of the study, the IHSAA is not formulating any adjustments to the current tournament formats. Any proposals that would alter the current structures and authored by the member schools or the administrative and coaches associations will continue to be accepted and studied by the IHSAA Executive Committee.
The report, which was forwarded to Delph, can be accessed online at