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NH track meet dominated by Brownstown

NH track meet dominated by Brownstown
NH track meet dominated by Brownstown
North Harrison’s Jonathan Reyonolds pulls away for a win in the 1,600-meter run at the North Harrison Invitational Friday night. Photo by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

The Brownstown Central boys’ and girls’ track and field teams dominated the North Harrison Invitational track meet Friday night, sweeping both divisions.
The Braves won by 23 points over runner-up Salem, and the Lady Braves won by a whopping 55-1/2 points over Salem. Corydon Central was fourth in the girls’ division behind Providence, while North Harrison, Corydon Central and Crawford County finished third, fourth and sixth, respectively, for the boys.
The highlight in the field events came in the boys’ discus, where it wasn’t distance that came into play but sportsmanship. Crawford County’s Johnny Schwartz, on his final throw, threw a distance of more than 147 feet. When the disc hit the ground, however, it was just inches out of bounds. Neither of the two distance judges, as well as the ring judge, had seen the point of impact, and the judges made the assumption the disc had landed in bounds, the distance giving Schwartz the win over Brownstown Central’s Noah Cutter.
‘It got weird at the end,’ Schwartz said. ‘The line spotter on the one side had to move out of the way when I threw it, and she didn’t see where it landed when it was clearly out of bounds. The other spotter from the other side came over and didn’t see where it landed, and he thought it landed in so he marked it in. The ring judge was watching my feet work to make sure I didn’t step out of the ring or anything. I saw that it was out, and everybody saw it was out.’
Schwartz went to his coaches and told them the disc went out of bounds, then the coaches went to the judges. Schwartz was moved back to second place with a previous throw of 134-9 1/2, and Cutter was named the winner at 142-4.
‘I didn’t feel right winning it like that,’ Schwartz said. ‘I didn’t get the feeling that I actually won it. After I did that, I felt much better about myself and felt relieved and that they had the right winner … It was not my best throw. I know I’ve got better and showed it there at the end. I’ve just got to keep it in fair lines.’
In the first of the running events, Crawford County’s Travis Banet had another bigger runner to deal with in the 110-meter hurdles in Providence’s Owen Mattingly, who was about a foot taller than Banet. The pair were in a dead heat over the final hurdle, but Mattingly nosed out the win in a time of 15.9 seconds to Banet’s 16.1.
Banet later redeemed himself by winning the 300 hurdles in a time of 42.0 seconds.
‘I noticed by the second hurdle I had passed him a little bit, and I got over mine before he did,’ Banet said. ‘About then, I booked it and came down that straight-away. I wasn’t feeling too heavy in my legs.’
Corydon Central’s Olivia Lawson won the girls’ 100 hurdles over Brownstown Central’s Elisa Gallion. Lawson won in a time of 17.60 seconds, while Gallion was less than a half step behind at 17.69.
‘I was afraid I’d have a bad start,’ said Lawson after the win. ‘At Forest Park, I had a really bad start and it kind of set me behind so I got second. I think I got a good start this time. I’ve gotten better this year, but I don’t have the greatest start. I’ve just got to work on that better.’
Lawson’s teammate, Jordan Dagenhart, claimed the victory in the 300 hurdles, winning in 50 seconds.
Chelsea John also had a first-place finish for Corydon Central, winning the discus with her best throw being 101-2.
North Harrison’s Emily Giles had a lot of energy after the girls’ 100. The Lady Cat senior broke the school record in the event with a time of 12.6 seconds, just under the old record by a tenth. Giles also placed first in the long jump and was second in the 200-meter dash and anchored the 400-meter relay team to a second-place finish.
‘Yes!’ bubbled Giles after her 100 run. ‘I ran a 12.6, and the record is 12.7. I’ve been working on (the start) really hard because I know I have a slow start. I thought my start was really good tonight. I’ve been wanting to win this since my freshman year. I hadn’t won here yet. I’m so excited.’
In the boys’ 1,600 run, the race belonged to the North Harrison distance runners of Johnnie Guy and Jonathan Reynolds. The pair paced each other in the early going, then Guy pulled away with a lap to go to win in a time of 4:27.
‘I was hoping to run a 4:25 or so,’ Guy said. ‘We were on pace through the first 200, and the next 200 was slow. That first lap was really slow. I picked it up a little bit and then it was slow again. We were like 2:17 after that second lap, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to run 4:34. That’s way too slow.’ I picked it up a little bit and came around the turn here and started to go. I knew he would be coming the last lap.’
Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor nearly caught Reynolds at the end, but Reynolds (4:30.2) had enough left to hold off Taylor by just two-tenths of a second (4:30.4).
‘I knew I’d have to kick the whole last lap to beat him because he has an awesome kick,’ Taylor said. ‘I was hoping I could hold him off, then the last 50 he came around. I was trying to hang in, but he got me. It’s all right.’
In the girls’ 1,600, North Harrison sophomore Ashton Bosler got a push by South Central’s Rachel Pease through the first two laps, then Bosler used her extra gear to pull ahead of Pease to win in a time of 5:28.3. Pease (5:36.3), however, was nipped by Salem’s Sydney Calhoun (5:35.9) at the end pushing the Lady Rebel back to third.
Bosler said having Pease behind her for the first part of the race was a plus.
‘It helps because I’m bad about not knowing exactly where people are behind me,’ said Bosler, who got up the next morning and ran the Mini-Marathon in Louisville. ‘If that worry is in the back of my head, I’m sure it makes me go faster subconsciously or consciously. I would sure like to break my PR, which is about 5:13 right now for the 1,600, so maybe under 5:10, 5:05, something like that, in that range.’
The boys’ 800-meter run was a show of force between Crawford County’s Chase Broughton and North Harrison’s Reynolds. Broughton led through the first 500 meters before Reynolds made his move and the pass. Reynolds went on to win in 2:02.4 with Broughton just behind at 2:04.6.
‘He kind of went out with the same strategy as the Corydon Invite,’ Reynolds said. ‘He’s a tough runner. He watches my moves usually, so when I make a move with a whole lot left he covered it. That was smart on his part. Then, I was fortunate enough to have enough left in the last 200 hundred to get him … It was a kicking race. We kicked the last 800, so I needed my natural instincts of knowing when to kick to put that one away.’
The boys’ 3,200-meter run belonged to North Harrison’s Guy brothers, Johnnie and Josh. Johnnie won in a time of 9:37.1 with Josh second at 9:48.2.
‘I was trying to hit 71 (seconds) on each lap to get 9:30 because that was the meet record,’ Johnnie said. ‘Seventy-one would have had me at 9:28. I was hoping to get that because I haven’t got a record yet. I was hoping to get one here, but my legs are a little bit dead from the 4×800 and the mile. I was trying to take it lap by lap.’
Josh said one of these days he might catch up.
‘I’ll try to catch him in college in a couple of years to see if he freaks out,’ Josh laughed. ‘I tried sticking with him for most of the way, then I kind of lost touch. After that, I kind of died a little bit … I knew he would carry me for a pretty fast time today even though he did do the triple today. He did a pretty sick mile and a 2:02 in the 4×800, so for him to come back from that is pretty cool.’
Corydon Central’s Levi Taylor finished third in the event with a time of 9:58.8.
‘I broke 10 again, so that’s good,’ Taylor said. ‘I knew that Josh was a little fresher, so it may be tougher to get to him. I’m pretty satisfied with what I ran today.
‘I didn’t know if I’d be able to stay (with Josh), so I was just going to go out for the first lap but it was a little tougher than I thought. I kind of fell back and tried to maintain that pace, and it worked out because I got third.’
In the girls’ 3,200-meter run, North Harrison’s Bosler gave a class in drafting behind Silver Creek’s Rachel Clemons. Bosler tucked herself in behind Clemons early on, guarding herself from a northeast wind on the backstretch. With two laps to go, Bosler broke ahead of Clemons and went on to win in a time of 12:11.9.
‘That was sort of my plan, a little before halfway through,’ Bosler said. ‘The backstretch, there’s a little bit of wind blowing. I didn’t feel it on my face. I might have just been into the race. I try to not let things like that affect me.’
Girls’ team scores ‘ Brownstown Central 146, Salem 90-1/2, Providence 74, Corydon Central 62, Silver Creek 51, Eastern 34, Borden 16, South Central 16, Crawford County 9-1/2, Lanesville 2.
Girls’ individual results ‘ Discus ‘ John (CoCe) 101-2; Pole vault ‘ Smith (Sa) 9-6; High jump ‘ Brown (Brntn) 5-0; Shotput ‘ Meisner (Prov) 34-1/2; 100 ‘ Giles (NH) 12.6; 200 ‘ Solis (Prov); 400 ‘ Shields (SilCk) 1:03.6; 800 ‘ Calhoune (Sa) 2:21.9; 1,600 ‘ Bosler (NH) 5:28.3; 3,200 ‘ Bosler (NH) 12:11.9; 100 hurdles ‘ Lawson (CoCe) 17.6; 300 hurdles ‘ Dagenhart (CoCe) 50.0; 400 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 52.6; Freshman 400 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 55.7; 800 relay ‘ Providence 1:38.3; 1,600 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 4:26.33; Freshman 1,600 relay ‘ Salem 4:47.4; 3,200 relay ‘ Silver Creek 10:30.
Boys’ team scores ‘ Brownstown Central 123, Salem 100, North Harrison 93, Corydon Central 63, Providence 50, Crawford County 50, Silver Creek 34, Eastern 33, Borden 13, South Central 11, Lanesville 8, Clarksville 7, Christian Academy of Indiana 4.
Boys’ individual results ‘ Shotput ‘ Cutter (Brntn) 47-10; Discus ‘ Cutter (Brntn) 142-4; High jump ‘ Wolfe (E) 6-2; Long jump ‘ Jerrell (Sa) 19-4; Pole vault ‘ Winslow (Sa) 12-0; 100 ‘ Wigley (Sa) 11.3; 200 ‘ Scarlet (Brntn) 23.3; 400 ‘ Wolfe (E) 53.6; 800 ‘ Reynolds (NH) 2:02.4; 1,600 ‘ Guy (NH) 4:27.7; 3,200 ‘ Guy (NH) 9:37.1; 110 hurdles ‘ Mattingly (Prov) 15.8; 300 hurdles ‘ Banet (CrCo) 42.0; 400 relay ‘ Corydon Central 45.7, Freshman 400 relay ‘ Brownstown Central 48.2, 800 relay ‘ Providence 1:38; 1,600 relay ‘ North Harrison 3:40.8; Freshman 1,600 relay ‘ Silver Creek 3:53.5; 3,200 relay ‘ North Harrison 8:13.
Top girls’ track performer ‘ Calhoune (Salem); Top girls’ field performer ‘ Soloman (Corydon); Top boys’ track performer ‘ Johnnie Guy (North Harrison); Top boys’ field performer ‘ Cutter (Brownstown).