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2 Republicans seek surveyor position

2 Republicans seek surveyor position
2 Republicans seek surveyor position
Clayton T. Baylor

Republicans Harold Klinstiver and Clayton Baylor are seeking to be their party’s candidates in the November General Election for Harrison County surveyor. Klinstiver has been in the office since July 2010, when he was appointed to fill the term of Thomas O. Bube, who died in office. No one filed to run on the Democrat ticket in the primary. However, the party has until June 30 to select someone to be on the November General Election Ballot.
Name: Clayton T. Baylor
Address: 7509 Main St., Lanesville, IN 47136
Contact information for voters: By mail, please
Family: Wife, Lindsey Baylor; son, Bristol Baylor; child due July 2012
Education/Occupation/Political Experience: Two years of general study at Purdue University at West Lafayette, Associate in arts and science of land surveying at Vincennes University. Currently studying to take the Professional Land Surveyor Exam this month. Current occupation is a land surveyor in training with about eight-plus years experience in land surveying and construction layout. No political experience.
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? I have decided to run for county surveyor because the documentation of county surveys and section corner records in Harrison County need to be improved and more accessible for public record.
What qualifies you for this position and how would you run the office (in 200 words or less)? As an educated and experienced land surveyor, I would qualify for the office of county surveyor. The most important requirement the county surveyor has every year is to map the county’s section corners. According to state statute, the county must conduct work to find or re-establish 5 percent of the county’s section corner each year and recheck another 5 percent per year. This is a very large task, and the county is in need of better procedures to accomplish these requirements. I be-lieve that the county should look into revising the surveyor’s perpetuation fund. This fund is gathered through payment for recordation of deeds in the county recorder’s office. From this fund, the task of establishing and recording section corners could be met. Also, completed surveys done by all surveyors should be filed in the surveyor’s office and on the county GIS system. A lot of hard work has gone into the new GIS system (, and I believe the county surveyor needs to take a vital part in it, by locating surveys and section corners on the website. Hope for your vote.
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Name: Harold Klinstiver
Address: 7425 S.R. 11, Elizabeth, IN 47117
Contact information: [email protected], phone 969-2446
Family: Wife of 49 years, Carol; three daughters, one son, two granddaughters
Education/Occupation/Political Experience: Graduate of South Central High School, Purdue Engineers Course, U.S. Army National Guard, Dale Carnegie Course, Indiana Department of Highway schools, United Methodist Church certified lay speaker schools, serving the past 20 months as the Harrison County surveyor, completing the late Tom Bube’s term
Why are you seeking the office (in 100 words or less)? I have served the past 20 months as the Harrison County Surveyor, completing Tom Bube’s term. By doing this, I have found the records to be in good shape, but ‘very used’ due to the lack of space in the old office at the courthouse. We have now moved into a new spacious office in the Government Center. I would like to purchase or rent a large scanner so I could scan all of the maps, surveys and legal descriptions into a computer system that could be viewed in my office by the public without going through the filing cabinet.
What qualifies you for this position and how would you run the office (200 words or less)? Surveying, filing, plan reading and supervision of construction jobs for the state highway department for 42 years has given me a wide range of skills: tracking large quantities of materials, payrolls, safety regulations and payments, plus supervising a crew of state inspectors and dealing with the public and property owners. For several years, running a survey crew, doing construction layout, doing waterways, ponds, staking right-of-way, maintaining elevations, setting bench marks, transferring elevations, dealing with other departments like the federal highway, DNR, EEO and labor and other unions. By serving as surveyor the past 20 months, I have helped approximately 150 property owners with boundary line problems. These people need someone to listen to them and help them. Sometimes the problems are started by other things, often going back generations. People want to blame the surveyor if the survey does not agree with their property lines as they see it. The surveyor is obligated to put the points on the ground that the deed says. Sometimes the deeds or starting points are wrong. So far, I have been able to remove the anger, search for errors and give a logical solution that is acceptable to both parties. My previous work skills have served me well.