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Dunaway, 2 others face drug charges

Dunaway, 2 others face drug charges
Dunaway, 2 others face drug charges
Donnie Dunaway Jr. (click for larger version)

Donnie Dunaway Jr., a Corydon man who allegedly abused five horses last summer, was one of three men arrested and charged Friday evening with multiple felony counts of dealing in and possession of prescription drugs.
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department arrested Dunaway, 43, Gary L. Evans, 55, and Joshua Spencer, 28, after an investigation that started in December.
On four occasions and while under surveillance, from a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser Dunaway allegedly sold Opana (oxymorphine) pills to a confidential informant in the parking lot at the Corydon Walmart Supercenter, Save-A-Lot and JayC Plus stores, which are near housing areas and made the charges more severe. On each occasion, the informant purchased two pills for $140.
‘This was an ongoing investigation that preceded the ruling on the horses,’ Harrison County Prosecutor J. Otto Schalk said Monday morning. ‘(Dunaway) was dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance, and it was well-documented by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. Thanks to their due diligence, it made it a very good case for the state. He’s looking at a maximum of 200 years with these charges.’
Schalk said that though the three men have been charged, the investigation is continuing.
All three men had their initial hearing in Harrison Superior Court Monday. Bond for Dunaway and Evans was set at $100,000 each, full cash, while Spencer’s bond was set at $50,000.
Dunaway and Evans were charged with four counts each of Class A felony dealing in controlled substance, four counts of Class C felony possession of controlled substance and four counts of Class D felony maintaining a common nuisance. Spencer was charged with a single count of the same charges.
‘He’s a bad guy,’ Harrison County Sheriff Rodney (Rod) Seelye said of Dunaway. ‘He was selling a large amount of Opanas. This was a good one to get off the street.’
All three men have a trial date scheduled for April 17.
Dunaway was in the news recently after a judge’s ruling allowed four horses to be relinquished to his mother and a friend.
Five emaciated horses were discovered last summer living in a unventilated barn by the building’s owner, who called police after Dunaway hadn’t removed them by a court-ordered date of June 30. No food was located in the barn other than a small quantity of molded hay that had been scattered in the paddock area by employees of the barn’s owner.
Dunaway and his estranged wife, Lisa C. Dunaway, were charged with Class A misdemeanor cruelty to an animal. On Sept. 29, Lisa Dunaway was sentenced to one weekend in jail and both were sentenced to 80 hours of community service.
On Jan. 12, Donald Dunaway and his attorney, Rachael Armstrong, successfully argued that the four horses, which are now at the nonprofit Buck Creek Valley Rescue Farm near Elizabeth, should be relinquished. A fifth horse, a mare, had to be euthanized after she broke a hip because she couldn’t stand.
A hearing concerning Dunaway’s failure to comply with a court order is tentatively scheduled for today (Wednesday) at 1 p.m. in Harrison Superior Court.