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1 of 2 towns’ election tie broken

A provisional ballot in New Amsterdam broke a tie Friday afternoon after it was accepted by the Harrison County Election Board in a special meeting.
The ballot pushed incumbent Howard L. Phipps, a Democrat, in front of fellow incumbent Charles (Andy) Shaffer, an Independent, by one vote. Phipps will join Republican newcomer Regina Glass, who garnered 12 votes, and Republican incumbent Lee McCullum, who received nine votes, on the town council.
The ballot, which was provisional because of a residency dispute, gave Phipps eight votes.
Shaffer finished with seven votes, while clerk-treasurer Mary Faye Shaffer, who also was seeking a seat on the town council, finished with six votes.
The voter in question provided the election board with three identification documents ‘ driver’s license, property tax form and Medicaid information ‘ confirming residency.
In New Middletown, a provisional ballot was denied after the voter said she didn’t want it to count, since town residents would know whom she voted for.
So, Shana Lyons, a Republican and the current clerk-treasurer, and Fred Lawson, an incumbent who ran as an Independent, remain tied for the third council seat with seven votes each.
Two incumbents ‘ Joey Lyons, who received nine votes, and Larry Mattingly, with eight votes ‘ have officially retained their seats. Both ran as Independents.
Lyons, as the clerk-treasurer, has the opportunity to vote for herself as the third council person, or break the tie in favor of Lawson. She has to make a decision by Dec. 31. If she decides not to cast a tie-breaking vote, the town would have a second election.
Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk Sherry Brown said Friday that Lyons is undecided about her decision.
In Palmyra, a provisional ballot brought to the election site by a voter’s husband was rejected, as was an absentee ballot that did not reach the clerk’s office until a day after the election.