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Remember the Panthers

Remember the Panthers
Remember the Panthers
Corydon Central’s football team celebrates with the regional championship plaque. Photos by Brian Smith (click for larger version)

Denzel Washington made ‘Remember the Titans’ a classic movie for football lovers.
And this bunch of Corydon Central football players seem to be fitting the mold of the Titans. They made the football field the last four weeks their universe and ruled it.
Not shockingly, the Panthers faithful packed the stands for a big-time football game. There were so many moments in the game against Evansville Memorial at Enlow Field, they will be talked about for many years.
But the talking will begin from the start of the postseason to the present.
‘Remember when we finally beat Brownstown Central? So many Corydon Central, and other teams, struggle to do that in the Mid-Southern Conference. We got them.’
Then …
‘Remember getting paybacks on Charlestown at their place? Dylan Jensen caught that pass, then we had to stop that quarterback. It’s nice avenging those losses. It made me mad losing to them in the regular season.’
Then …
‘Heritage Hills, that was a dog-fight. That run of Jeremiah Windell’s to start the second half, that was intense. I was locked arms with … I can’t remember who … but when that kicker missed the extra point, we went nuts. I should have gotten a 15-yard penalty later for my celebration after Justin Yates sacked that quarterback. I knew we’d win sectional, and we did. First in school history.’
Then …
‘First time playing on turf, that was cool. I knew we had that game the whole time. Even when we fumbled a few times, or Memorial fumbled the ball forward 10 yards for a first down. We didn’t care. We came back again in the final two minutes. Our two-minute offense couldn’t be stopped. We looked like Peyton Manning and the Colts. Jensen, again, and, boy, he got hit big-time and held on. Then Tyler Ross’ catch, followed by the two-point conversion to tie it. Classic. Oh yeah, then we stop them four times in overtime. Not many teams could run on us. And when Lucas Windell dove over the pylon, it was on. First regional in school history, I was there.’
I’m sure the memories and stories will keep flowing. The banner will hang from the gym and the photo will be posted on the wall of the 2011 Panthers football team.
The ride isn’t over yet. Corydon Central is a game away from a trip to the state final and a chance to play at Lucas Oil Stadium, which happens to host the upcoming Super Bowl.
Although No. 1 Indianapolis Bishop Chatard will be favored, there’s no denying the Panthers are going to bring it each play of every down. They’ve done it for four straight weeks against top teams. Extra bleachers have been moved in. Expect to see letter jackets from schools from all around Southern Indiana in attendance to support Corydon Central.
It’ll be the hottest ticket within many, many counties. And, unlike basketball, it won’t sell out. Hosting the first semi-state game in any sport, it’ll be a ruckus in Corydon.
After all, they are the 2011 Panthers, remember?