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Election ends in tie in 2 towns

Voters in several towns, including Corydon, Milltown, New Amsterdam, New Middletown and Palmyra, went to the polls yesterday (Tuesday) to elect councilmembers and, in Palmyra, a clerk-treasurer.
With the ballots counted, the winners could not be determined last night in New Amsterdam and New Middletown due to a tie.
In New Amsterdam, one provisional ballot to be determined in 10 days could make a difference in the race for the three-member town council.
Republican Regina F. Glass is assured of one seat, after receiving 11 votes. Fellow Republican and incumbent Lee McCullum finished second with eight votes, while incumbents Charles (Andy) Shaffer, an Independent, and Howard L. Phipps, a Democrat, collected seven votes each. The final outcome could be determined if one provisional ballot is counted.
Mary Faye Shaffer, who is the town’s clerk-treasurer and was seeking a seat as a councilmember, collected six votes.
Of the six candidates in New Middletown, only one candidate is guaranteed a spot on the town council after last night’s election. Independent incumbent Joey Lyons, who garnered nine votes, retained his seat.
Incumbent Larry Mattingly, who ran as an Independent, finished with eight votes, while Independent incumbent Fred Lawson and Republican newcomer Shana Lyons each picked up seven votes. Another newcomer, Democrat Pat Gardner, received six votes.
Within 10 days, one provisional ballot will be counted to possibly determine the final outcome.
The sixth candidate, Independent Alex Chumley, received five votes.
In Milltown, all three incumbents retained their seats, with Republicans Jerry M. (Monty) Garrett receiving 141 votes and Anna (Jeanie) Melton collecting 133 votes, and Democrat Curt Hudson tallying 113 votes.
The other candidates were Ryan Hunter, a Republican, 91 votes; William A. Terry, an Independent, 85 votes; Kevin Goss, a Democrat, 44 votes; and Orville Lewis, a Democrat, 28 votes.
There were three provisional ballots cast.
In Palmyra, each incumbent on the town council, as well as the clerk-treasurer, will remain in their position.
The three-member town board will continue to be seated by Virginia (Jenny) Kirkham, who received 124 votes; Alvin Brown, who had 116 votes; and Paul Eveslage, who collected 90 votes.
Narrowly missing out on the third council seat were former councilmembers Carol Rowe, with 89 votes, and Joe Robbeloth, who received 88 votes. Rounding out the votes were former councilman Roy W. McClanahan, with 65, and Rex Frederick, with 28.
Incumbent Tiffany Cardwell came out on top of a close race with Tiffany Smith for the clerk-treasurer position, 123 votes to 80.
One provisional ballot remains, according to town legal counsel Shawn Donahue, but it is unclear whether it will be counted or not.
All candidates in Palmyra ran as Independents.
In Corydon, John D. Kintner, Independent, defeated Susan (Mac) McGuffey by a margin of more than 6-to-1 in a race for Corydon Town Council. The final count was 138-21 in favor of Kintner, who was first appointed to his seat in 2006 after the passing of Roy McKim, who served nearly 20 years.
None of the other councilmembers on Corydon’s five-member town board were challenged nor was the clerk-treasurer challenged.