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Be something, hopefully positive

My Opinion
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor

Nearly every day, I hear people talk about things that should be done. The topics vary from Congress needs to reduce spending to the president needs to create jobs to everyone needs to get along, people need to take responsibility for their children, their pets, their yard, whatever. You get the picture.
While there’s nothing wrong with taking note about what needs to be accomplished, at some point there needs to be some action from somebody.
So, it was refreshing earlier this month to witness some of the 80 or so members from Lanesville and Pfrimmer’s Chapel United Methodist churches stepping up to DO something. It was the second year for them to participate in an event called BE the Church!
Sure, most, if not all, churches are nearly constantly doing good deeds. Some are more visible than others. And often the assistance is provided to those outside of Harrison County, even out of the United States. There’s no shortage of people needing some kind of help.
On Saturday, Aug. 6, these two churches expanded their ministry and accomplished several tasks this year, from the simplest ‘ giving free compliments to shoppers at the Walmart Supercenter in Corydon ‘ to more labor intensive, like washing vehicles for free and grilling pork burgers and hot dogs to give away. I even spotted a few of them picking up litter along a fencerow, another thing some people complain about but rarely, if ever, do anything about.
There are other people I’ve met in the past year or more while writing a series titled ‘Filling a need.’ These are men, women and children who give of their time to provide food for those in the community who may need a one-time handout or longer-term assistance. And in this economy, we never know who the next person needing help might be. It could be you or me.
While the BE the Church volunteers, as well as the Filling a Need community aides are all affiliated with a church, it doesn’t mean that non-Christians can’t ‘ or don’t ‘ come to the aid of their fellow residents, too.
We all can be something. There are things around us everyday that we can accomplish as individuals to tasks that might require a group effort that can be done if someone would just engage the help of others.
Let’s all chose to be something positive. Who knows? It might be contagious.